Streamer Dyrus Banned From New World on Day One for Language

by in General | Sep, 30th 2021

Former LoL pro Marcus “Dyrus” Hill was banned in New World for 24 hours for reported “abusive language”. He seemed genuinely surprised by the ban and did go to appeal it. It sounds like, on the surface, Amazon Games is taking their stance on abusive language in New World pretty seriously, but this writer sees awful language in chat all the time. It is particularly surprising that Dyrus got banned in New World, though we’re not sure what he was banned for. 

Banned During Hemp Farming:

During Dyrus’ New World stream, he was farming Hemp and ultimately got banned for “Abusive Behavior”, and was temporarily banned. It would have been lifted on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 at 11:15 AM. He did seem to be sincerely confused about what he may have done. According to the Livestream Fail Reddit, it’s a bit clearer. According to a Redditor, he was calling people in general chat r****ds. 

According to that Redditor, Dyrus probably thought it was censored for others, but it wasn’t. Other players can turn off their mature language filter, so if he left it on and shouted slurs at people, those other people would likely see it anyway. Dyrus also posted the Amazon Games Support message on his Twitter:

We reviewed the information you provided on appeal and have confirmed that the original disciplinary action was merited in your case. We take instances of abusive language seriously as it is harmful to the community and violates the following section of our Code of Conduct. Do not assume a chat filter in place is a license to say anything you want.

So it does sound like Dyrus definitely said some things that weren’t kosher through a chat filter to get banned in New World. That is one word I’ve not heard in general chat, at the very least. It’s unlikely it was for him typing “Deez Nuts” in chat. All told, it doesn’t seem like it bothers Dyrus too much, as his response on Twitter was “i won the speedrun”. Hopefully, he abstains from such slurs in the future though. As long as everyone gets the same punishments, there’s nothing wrong with it.


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