Streamer Destiny Gets Another Twitch Ban

by in Entertainment | Apr, 29th 2021

Destiny, a popular streamer on Twitch has received yet another ban. While there’s nothing definitive on why he was banned, it’s been said that it was from a recent debate stream. In it, the person he was debating allegedly showed explicit content on the camera. As the person running the stream, Destiny would certainly be the one punished for it. 

Not A First For Destiny:

Destiny has received yet another Twitch ban for sexually suggestive content on his streams. In previous streams, he’s flashed thumbnails that had nudity on them for a few seconds. While not a terrible thing, it’s certainly against the Twitch TOS. Breaking the rules on sexual content is serious on Twitch, and it seems to keep happening to the streamer. 

Destiny might be a popular streamer, but he’s not without controversy. If this keeps happening, there’s always a chance it could become permanent. As of this writing, he’s still banned, but Destiny has not had a Twitch ban longer than 3 days so far. A former Twitch partner, he’s never far from controversy. He went on a vile rant about the rioters of September 12th, 2020. He didn’t catch a ban, but did lose his partnership.

The rant in question can be heard here, but it may be an uncomfortable watch/listen. While Destiny has been banned at least three times so far, none of them have been serious. The more times someone gets banned though, this can lead to the deactivation of an account/permaban. As a streamer with 600,000+ subscribers, he has a huge following and has a responsibility to abide by the rules. 

We will just have to see how long this punishment goes on, and if Destiny makes a statement on the reason for his ban/how long he is banned.


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