Streamer CodeMiko Banned on Twitch for the Third Time

by in General | Jan, 19th 2021

It’s really hard to stand out on Twitch these days. You have to do something drastic to be unique. Enter CodeMiko, who took the virtual YouTuber (Vtuber) gimmick to a new level. With a created virtual counterpart and a motion capture sensor suit, she took the internet by storm. Wildly popular and known for mature, entertaining streams, she’s seen a few bans on Twitch. On Jan. 19, CodeMiko was banned on Twitch for the third time, but don’t worry; it’s not likely to be a permanent one. Most major bans come from something serious, but not always.

Twitch does not tend to reveal why someone is banned, so unless CodeMiko says why we’re going to be in the dark. There is some speculation, though.

Third Time’s a Charm

All we know in terms of a response was the Sadge meme on Twitter. The always-reliable StreamerBans revealed this ban on Twitter. CodeMiko has been banned two other times on Twitch, once on Sept. 5 for one day and again on Sept. 9 for three days. As of this ban, we have no idea how long it will be. Likely, it’s going to be just seven days or so. There’s no telling why, though. It’s unlikely to be from a past stream where Pokimane used the word simp repeatedly on the CodeMiko stream. This was back when the discussion about simps originally happened, last month. 

There’s also a recent stream when she interviewed PayMoneyWubby. In this, CodeMiko was reportedly very drunk, and that is a bannable offense. Twitch’s rules on drinking on stream are pretty strict, and it’s more likely to be punished if you go to excess. For a ban to be permanent, you typically have to get banned three times in three months. One of CodeMiko’s is admittedly a misunderstanding, and it’s been four months total. This misunderstanding had to do with a donation reward where CodeMiko would display the letter “D” on the screen. It sounds like they thought she was offering to show the male genitals and not merely a letter “D.” 

While CodeMiko is banned on Twitch now, it’s not likely to last very long. We hope to know the cause of the ban, because other than the above speculation, there’s no word. 


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