A Twitch Streamer Catches a DMCA For a Firetruck Siren

by in Entertainment | Mar, 25th 2021

A Twitch streamer getting DMCA struck over a Firetruck siren might be the most ludicrous thing we report this week. This DMCA stuff is really getting out of control. GTA V’s RP server, NoPixel 3.0 does use a lot of sound clips from outside of GTA V, this is true. But during Ramee’s stream, they received a copyright strike, thanks to the sound of a Firetruck siren that went wailing by in the background. He shared the terms of the strike on stream and even pointed out exactly what sound effect it was. Are the DMCA strikes going too far now?

Not A First, Unfortunately

It’s not the first time a Twitch streamer has seen a DMCA copyright strike for a sound like a Firetruck in a stream. The last time, it was a streamer that had a police siren go off in-game. It’s not like these people are stealing music and playing it live on the air. It’s a sound effect that the streamer themselves is likely unaware of the source. Sure, “ignorance is no excuse”, and it’s up to the streamer to take the risks they do.

But it feels monumentally petty to get a copyright strike over something like a Firetruck from the DMCA for a Twitch streamer. The audio in question this time came from The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library, according to Ramee. It doesn’t seem like Ramee was banned for the infraction, and he can always try and appeal. The DMCA strikes are serious though, and while he didn’t intend to do this, he was still punished because of what appeared in the game.

It sounds like perhaps NoPixel 3.0 needs to look up some royalty-free sound effects, to make sure people aren’t getting punished just for RPing in GTA V.  It shouldn’t have to come to something like that, but here we are. This happens in more places than GTA though. People have been copyright struck for in-game audio, occasionally even catching a ban for it. This is for music that already appears in a game the player owns, mind! People have been struck for doing IRL streams, and music they don’t own plays in the background.

From what we’ve seen, the audio was muted in his VOD, which was also deleted. We just hope it doesn’t put Ramee’s future in danger on Twitch because of a Firetruck siren. That just sounds ridiculous to have to say.


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