Stray Game Lets Players Take Control of a Cat Who’s Lost Their Family

by in General | Jul, 30th 2021

When it comes to adventure games, many think of titles like Tomb Raider, Uncharted, or something like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. However, a new type of adventure title is coming to PC and PS5 this year; a story about a cat who’s lost its family and has to traverse the seedy underbelly of a post-apocalyptic city. Blue 12 Studios also showed off some more information about the game in a four-minute Twitter video by the publisher for the game, Annapurna Interactive. Here’s what players can expect from the interesting take on the action-adventure game genre known as Stray.


The main plot of Stray is that, in the future, there sits two cities on top of one another, one prosperous, and one forgotten and ruined. The main character of the story is a cat who’s lost their family as they plummet into the remains of the forgotten city that lies below where the cat lives. Injured and alone, the cat must learn to survive the city while they’re making their way to the surface. Since the cat is a stray, they’re able to enter houses, snoop around, and even interact with the environment itself, from taking a drink of water to rubbing up against a bystander. However, there are no humans in the game, as the living creatures in the underground city are robotic humanoids, with computer screens for heads.

Somewhere along the journey, the cat is going to make a new friend in the form of a drone named B12. From then on, B12 is going to be the voice of the cat, playing as a buddy character who talks for the voiceless cat, interacting with the other robots in the world, as well as being a guide and a character that can aid the cat on its adventure. With B12, the cat will be able to open doors, and safes, as well as do other helpful things that can bring the cat closer to home. While the cat is in a strange place, that doesn’t mean any of the robotic humanoids are rude to him, and they’ll interact with the cat, from playing music for him to petting him when he asks them.


There’s not a lot of combat in this game, as the stray cat is a helpless creature. However, the game’s environment is described as unwelcoming and hostile, meaning that the cat is going to have to survive against creatures, as well as platforming inside the environment itself, which can be seen in the trailer as the cat jumps across some metal barrels floating atop a winding river of toxic materials. Since the player is a domesticated house cat, they’re going to have to plan their jumps accordingly as they work their way upwards through compact and towering locales to find their way back home. Objects can be picked up by the cat and B12 and used later.

The cat is smarter than your average cat, meaning they can use vending machines, which can give him energy drinks that can give stat boosts that last for a short amount of time. However, speed is going to be necessary when traversing the underground, as some smaller enemies will attack the cat. The ones shown off in the game are gelatin-like creatures that will swarm around the cat and jump on it, attempting to sap the life from the poor animal. The only solace for the cat is to shake them off or outrun them using the cat’s agility to escape its numerous pursuers. However, as shown later in the trailer, the cat is able to equip a light, which will dispatch the grotesque creatures who threaten him.

For those who are excited about this stray cat-focused take on the adventure genre, the game is going to launch in early 2022 for PS4, PS5, and PC.


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