Steam VR Beta Makes Streaming Easier For Users

by in General | Jul, 29th 2021

When it comes to PC gaming, fans are quick to point to Steam being the go-to storefront for players of all genres of titles, and it’s has definitely earned that praise. It’s been the most used appreciated storefront online, letting players choose from a massive library of games. However, with Steam being a forward supporter of VR products, putting steam into the VR landscape is paramount, and to accompany their VR headset, the Index, they’ve also created Steam VR, a virtual launching point for VR-specific titles inside Steam, which gives players the ability to choose their titles from their headset without having to go to their computer before starting the game.

As Steam VR has been updating before the launch of the Valve Index, fans have been using the VR launching program for their VR games. Now, the Steam VR platform lets players customize a homeroom that they can relax in and explore whilst deciding on what game they want to play. However, with this most recent update, some new features have been added that’ll make using the VR mode more intuitive for streamers, as well as fix one massive issue that fans have had with their product.

This little update has given players the ability to dock windows and other applications in the steam interface and allow that to persist while still playing games.

Why This Change Is Important

There’s a big reason as to why this change is important for Steam VR. Players who frequently use the platform know that when it comes to streaming, being able to see the chat while playing is paramount to broadcasting for hundreds, if not thousands of people. However, the biggest issue VR faces is integrating that into the game itself, letting players be able to read the chat while they’re playing. As Steam runs in what’s called OVR, it’s hard for players to use this function, and many turn to other third-party products to fix the issue, such as OVR Drop, OVR Toolkit, and more.

Surprisingly, this issue is mitigated with the introduction of the new Steam VR beta, as docking certain windows and applications will now let players place their chat whenever they want on their hand, and then use it while they’re playing their games. This lets users bring the chat inside the game without having to set up a second product.

Also included in this update is the ability to look at multiple displays, which a lot of streamers use in their platforms as well.

However, this option to include displays on the hand of players, as well as inside the VR space, isn’t just for streamers, as other games can benefit from this as well. For players of games like Elite Dangerous in VR, they can use the function from the Steam VR dashboard to listen to music or watch a show while going through long trips through the galaxy. Players who are waiting in lobbies can also use this function to bide the time while the match loads.

This addition to the Steam VR Portal is a welcome and fantastic development for the platform, and it’s only going to continue as time goes on, with much more improvements coming along the way.


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