Steam Users Will Be Able to Pick Up PUBG for Free Next Weekend

by in PUBG | May, 29th 2020

We’ve got a great deal coming up soon for those of you who like battle royale games or want to just check out PUBG for the first time. PUBG Corp. announced that players on Steam will be able to pick up PUBG for free and check out everything that the game has to offer for a limited time.

PUBG Free Promotion Announced

The free promotion for the game was announced this week through the official PUBG Twitter account, revealing the date of when this will kick off soon. Steam users will be able to get PUBG for free not this weekend, but next weekend, starting on Thursday, June 4.

The promotion will begin on that Thursday and run through Monday, June 8. Unfortunately, the only catch with this change is that this isn’t like some of the Epic Games Store free deals that we have had recently in the past. This promotion isn’t a permanent one at all.

Instead of getting the battle royale game for free and keeping it forever, this promotion only allows Steam users to download and play through the game as much as they want during that particular promotional period. Unfortunately, players will need to buy it after that to keep playing.

But, like with many of the similar free Steam promotions like this one, the game is going on sale during that weekend to make up for the fact that it is only free during that time. Those players who check it out and want to keep playing can buy the full game for a discounted price.

You Can Buy PUBG During That Time at a Discount

That discount is pretty fair, giving players PUBG for 50% off of its normal asking price of $29.99, making it around $15 in total. That is a much better price for the battle royale title and is a great deal for those who want to check out PUBG for free and then decide if they want to keep it.

Many regard PUBG as the game that inspired titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Warzone that have thrived and become some of the biggest video games in the world. While certainly not the first battle royale game ever made, it was the one that made the genre what it is today.

PUBG blew up nearly overnight in popularity in 2017, leading to the release of Fortnite and other similar games soon after. While it has been long since surpassed by Fortnite and other successors, PUBG remains one of the battle royale staples, as seen in our best battle royale games list of 2020.

While it isn’t the best around anymore, it is a strange game that continues to be one of the only ones to not offer PUBG for free unlike other games in the genre that are completely free-to-play. It has stuck to its premium price model and has made no move to shy away from it.

PUBG Remains the Only Premium Popular Battle Royale Game

On PS4, Xbox One, and PC, players have to spend an asking price of $30 (sometimes on sale like in this case) to see what the game has to offer. Beyond that, it also has the standard paid battle pass and free ones that players can get each season of the game.

This is a stark contrast to other games that are free from the start, but require you to pay for most cosmetic items and season passes. In this way, it has always bothered us that PUBG is still requiring players to pay to download and play matches, in addition to season passes.

In this way, it would make sense to us to have the game shift to a free model, so that anyone can play it and just buy the battle pass if they want to get cosmetics and the like. This model has worked for many other games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

What makes the whole situation even stranger is the fact that PUBG Mobile does exist. Contrary to what many might think from a glance, PUBG Mobile is its own separate game from the base PUBG title on consoles and PC, quite unlike Fortnite, which has the same game across all sides.

PUBG Should Honestly Go Free-to-Play

PUBG Mobile features the same general battle royale gameplay but in a free-to-play, mobile-friendly format that is more catered to users on iOS and Android. This means not having to pay for the base game and only buying things like cosmetics, battle passes, and so on.

Though the two games differ in terms of content at times, there are similarities in the fact that both PUBG games use the same general gameplay. However, we do think that the mobile format is how the original PUBG could thrive even more on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Until then, though, anyone who wants to play the original popular battle royale game, you are going to have to take advantage of deals like this upcoming one to enjoy everything that it has to fear. Steam players will be able to play PUBG for free June 4-8 and keep it if they want for 50% off.


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