Stardew Valley Creator Announces New Game Where Players Make Chocolate, and Ghosts are Involved

by in General | Oct, 22nd 2021

When it comes to independent titles, few stand out. Some of the most well-known games like Undertale, Splitgate, and Dusk, are all variations of established Genres. However, there’s one genre that has its own community of independent titles after it vanished from the mainstream. Farming games. Titles like Harvest Moon dominated the GameCube and DS ecosystem, until they were phased out of existence, and left behind in the public consciousness. However, that doesn’t mean the genre went away. Insert the Developer known online as ConcernedApe. This developer is the mind behind one of the biggest farming simulator titles that dominated the independent landscape. Stardew Valley. This Pixel title is filled to the brim with everything a player needs for a farming game and more. While it was a farming game in the main sense. The game came with more RPG elements turning it into a mix of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. Players were able to farm during the day, or go into town and talk to the villagers who lived in the small town next door. Players were also able to build relationships with the characters, and even marry them to continue the story. There were also other things to do in the game, seeing that the players were able to go into the mines to find new materials to improve their farming experience or spend the day fishing to make some extra money. The openness of the game was something to behold. As well as on top of all of this, the game came with a whole story that spanned 3 in-game years, the player could see their farm grow, as well as their relationships with the village, or with the massive corporation if they decided to side with them. Now, It looks like ConcernedApe is making a new title, stepping away from the world of Stardew Valley, and moving into something more supernatural: Haunted Chocolatier.

Concerned Ape’s Haunted Chocolatier

This new game that ConcernedApe is working on is called “ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier” shorted to Haunted Chocolatier, the game is going to put players in the shoes of a chocolate maker who happens to live inside of a haunted castle. The player’s job is to keep the castle running by selling chocolate to people inside and outside of the big city, however, there’s more to the castle than meets the eye. 

Announced on the official website for the game, ConcernedApe speaks a little about how the idea came up, “In Stardew Valley, the focus was more humble: living off the land, growing food, and connecting to the people and nature around you. However, with my next game, I wanted to explore more fantastical possibilities… experiences that take you beyond the ordinary. That’s where magical haunted ghost chocolate comes in.

Players are going to be able to interact with the ghosts that live inside of the haunted castle. According to the video posted by ConcernedApe, which shows a vertical slice of the game, it also appears that the ghosts can help the player run the chocolate shop as well. Players from all around in between the big city and the rural towns similar to Stardew Valley are going to be able to interact and talk with the player while they’re out and about. Players are also going to be able to use a whole new dialogue system in the game as well, showcased in the video. It appears that speaking to someone will show players exactly what they’re going to respond with similar to the way that RPG games like Fallout New Vegas work.

There’s also a similar gift-giving mechanic like in Stardew Valley that is going to help the player gain favor with some of the people who come visit the shop, or that the player can meet while they’re out and about. The game could have a larger story as well, seeing that they’re in a haunted castle, and the player is given a butler-type character in the castle as well. However, when it comes to making chocolate in Haunted Chocolatier the player is missing one thing: ingredients. Gathering ingredients is going to be a whole other game inside of the one itself. Comparing the video to something like Stardew Valley, the player is going to be able to get the ingredients themselves, however, they’re not going to be buying or making the ingredients like in Stardew Valley. Instead, from the looks of the video, it appears that the player is going to travel to other worlds to pick up the ingredients from the monsters the player is going to fight.

It shows that this new game is going to have a high focus on combat, while there was combat in Stardew Valley, there was combat in the game, it was mostly found in the mines of Stardew Valley where players could fight a lot of mythical creatures like Slimes. It appears that instead of these creatures hiding away in the mines of the world, they’re going to be behind magical doors the player is going to access through the castle. After the player gathers their ingredients like Milk, cocoa, and huckleberry, they’re going to be able to make their chocolate, and then sell it. The player is going to be able to customize and expand their store, as well as meet some of the other characters who are going to be able to upgrade their abilities. However, it’s not directly mentioned if these characters are going to be ghosts or other people inside of the world.

According to ConcernedApe, while the video makes the game look like it’s in an almost completed state, it’s nowhere near complete yet. The video serves as a vertical slice of the game, showing what players can expect when they look at the title. It’s not going to be done for a while, and ConcernedApe doesn’t have any form of the release date at the moment. There’s also a FAQ section on the website for players’ questions about the title. The FAQ states that the game is going to come out on PC first and foremost, with plans to put the game on other consoles. ConcernedApe also mentions that he’s not going to reveal if the game is connected to the events of Stardew Valley just yet, as well as the assets in the game, while they do look like they came right from Stardew Valley, are all custom and brand new. 

It’s also mentioned in the FAQ that due to the early stages of the game, he doesn’t want to settle on anything more than the bare concept for the game, stating that he doesn’t want to be locked into something while he’s making the title, instead, having the game’s development and it’s ideas to flow naturally as the game progresses in time. Haunted Chocolatier has been worked on in ConcernedApe’s free time with development starting in 2020, so with that time frame, it’s going to be a while before the game reaches completion. However, more news and showcases of content for the game are going to be revealed over time now that ConcernedApe has finished his work on Stardew Valley, he’s going to be able to work on the title full time.


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