Spongebob and Leonardo Get Turned into Xbox Series X in Sweepstakes

by in General | Oct, 13th 2021

The Concept of Special Edition consoles is something that filled the sphere of console gaming since its inception. The idea of having a console that other players don’t purely as bragging rights was the dream of young gamers around the world. The king of the special edition console is Mircosoft, and their Xbox line of consoles. The first Xbox was made into several different versions. In fact, there is 21 documented special edition Original Xbox Consoles currently, the most popular being the Mountain Dew lime green Xbox, whose plastic is matte lime green, with the mountain dew logo emblazoned on the logo for the console right underneath the Xbox. Other consoles range from the translucent Halo Xbox, the pure white 50 Cent Xbox, the Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Xbox, and the Conker Reloaded Xbox, which was painted Camo. 

What Custom Consoles Have We Seen Already?

The Xbox 360 had its own version of the limited edition consoles as well. While the original 360 came in white, there was the elite Xbox 360 which came in black. On top of this, there were other versions that stood out. There was the Master Chief colored Xbox 360 for halo 3, The Resident Evil 5 Red Xbox, The yellow Simpsons Movie Xbox 360, The red and black Gears of War 3 Xbox Slim, the Modern Warfare 3 Xbox Slim, the elusive Star Wars Kinect R2D2 Xbox 360, complete with C3PO controller, The Halo Reach and Halo 4 Xbox 360, the 10 Year Anniversary Xbox 360,  and even the three Watchmen Xbox 360s to promote the film.

The Xbox One also had its fair share of stylized consoles as well, There was the “I Made This” White Xbox One, which was given to members of the development team, There was the Advanced Warfare Xbox One, which was emblazoned with grey, black, and gold, There was the silver and blue Halo 5 Console, the Blue Forza Motorsport 6 Console, The Red Gears of War 4 Console, The Minecraft Console with Creeper Controller, The Purple Fortnite Xbox, The White Gears of War 5 Xbox, and the Metallic Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox.

The Xbox Series X isn’t any stranger to this either, even though the console has been out for a short while, the console is already getting special editions, with the Xbox Series X getting a special Halo Edition of the console aimed for the new game coming in December. 

Now, there’s a new console being added to the line of limited edition consoles, and this one’s dressed up like on a particular sponge. 

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Xbox Series X

The game that looks like it came out of someone’s fever dream, players found out from Xbox that there’s going to be two new variations of the already hard-to-find Xbox Series X. The new console, while it’s still being picked up online by scalpers, is going to be given away in sweepstakes in the promotion of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. The prize is going to be one of two consoles dressed up to look like two of the fighters from the game. The two characters for the Xbox consoles are both Spongebob and Leonardo. 

The Spongebob Xbox console is exactly what it looks like. The image of Spongebob with his arms to his sides as he sits on the living room entertainment centers of players invokes the episode of Spongebob “Artist Unknown” where SpongeBob “Becomes the Marble” in order to learn how to sculpt. It’s hard to assume that this isn’t intentional. 

The second Xbox doesn’t have Leonardo wrapped around the rectangular system, instead, the front of the Xbox is Leonardo, and the sides show off some of the iconographies from the original show. A “No Foot” sign is on one side, while a slice of pizza is on the other. The phrase “Turtle Power” is also on the console as well. Both of the consoles look great, and both also come with a controller, with the characters emblazoned on them. 

The only way to win the Spongebob and Leonardo Xbox consoles is to participate in the sweepstakes for the console. However, there’s still plenty of time for fans who want to get their chance to win one of the two Nickelodeon icons for their living room. To enter the competition, check out the tweet posted by Xbox here

The contest ends on the 24th of October, and two winners are going to be chosen for the consoles. 


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