Splitgate Brings Portal-like Multiplayer to Consoles Later This Summer

by in General | Jun, 14th 2021

The popular PC shooter Splitgate is making its debut on more platforms very soon. A Splitgate console port is coming and will see this unique first-person shooter move from the PC to other platforms, and it will not take long for that to happen. 

Splitgate Console Port Announced

Announced via IGN, the Splitgate console version will include nearly all of the major platforms that are out right now, except Nintendo Switch, sadly. It will be coming to both the current generation of consoles that launched late last year and the older generation of consoles for those players. 

This means that the Splitgate console release will include PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, S, and the Xbox One line of systems. This is in addition to the PC version that has been out for a while now. Developer 1047 Games is not just bringing the multiplayer shooter to consoles, though, as this version will include some much-desired new features for everyone.

When the Splitgate console release happens, all of the platforms, including the already existing PC version, will benefit from the brand new feature that will be released at the same time. In addition, the console release will coincide with the cross-platform play option also releasing.

This option will allow players from every platform to play against one another, including PC with console. The cross-play does not go into details about which platforms can play with which, but it does seem that this also means that PlayStation players will be able to play with Xbox users and not just PC players. 

Splitgate Release Date and Open Beta

Fortunately, players interested in the game will not have to wait for too much longer to enjoy it, either, as the Splitgate console release date was also revealed this week. It will come out for all of the consoles above on the same day of July 27, which is just over a month away at this point. 

That is a pretty close release date for a game that had not yet been announced for consoles before this reveal. Better yet, though, console players will not have to wait until July 27 to get their hands on the multiplayer game and see what it is all about. 

This is because there will be a Splitgate console beta that will happen much sooner than the full release. The beta will take place in just a few weeks, from July 1-6. As far as we know, it will be available on all of the console platforms and give players a chance to check the game out early. 

What’s great about the Splitgate beta test is that it will be an open beta, meaning that anyone and everyone can hop on their platform of choice and download the test client for free without having to sign up for a chance to participate in it or anything like that. 

How Splitgate Works

The Splitgate open beta test period is long enough, too, to give players a chance to see how the game plays and find out if they are interested in picking up the full copy when it releases. It is also great for those of us in the U.S. since the beta test happens over the 4th of July holiday, not to mention general summer vacation for many players.

For some, though, this might be the first that you’ve heard of Splitgate. This futuristic multiplayer game has players engage in first-person shooter gameplay that seems like a blend of Halo and Portal. The general feel and weapons in the game give off a very Halo vibe to it. 

The speed of the characters when they run and the handling of the weapons have that Halo feel to them that could be appealing to fans of that series from Microsoft that is not available on PlayStation consoles, especially since we still do not have Halo Infinite at this time. Furthermore, though, the twist in Splitgate is that you essentially have the portals from Valve’s Portal series. 

With the touch of a button, you can create a portal in a wall and teleport to another part of the map. It is unclear how the portal system works, but it does look like it could be randomized from what we can see in the gameplay trailer for the console release. 

What Console Players Can Expect From Splitgate

Overall, it blends Halo and Portal nicely into a unique package in the FPS scene while offering something that seems to be genuinely worth checking out. Splitgate will come with a plethora of content when it releases, with even more planned for the future. 

It will launch with more than 20 multiplayer maps to choose from and select both casual and competitive game modes to appeal to players of both styles. If you are interested in Splitgate, it is already available for free on Steam with high user reviews. 

Steam states that it has an overall nine out of 10 score in the user reviews, with an overall very positive rating. However, many of the reviews that we scanned from users mentioned that it is Halo and Portal’s child and that it works much better mixing these two games than it has any right to. 

While the Splitgate console release announcement did not go over pricing, we imagine it will be free-to-play, much like the PC version. That said, be sure to stay tuned for more details soon about the pricing for this title as we near its console release date on July 27 and the open beta before that. 


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