Spider-Man 2 Aims to be “Darker” According to Marvel VP

by in General | Sep, 30th 2021

Spider-Man is one of the few superheroes that is almost universally loved, and there’s a reason for it. While not everyone loves characters like Iron man or Captain America, Spider-Man is an average person who just so happened to get superhuman abilities. The great majority of Spider-Man stories focus on the personal issues of Peter Parker running a double life, one as Spider-Man, and one as Peter Parker. This was the crux of the Spider-Man series, and this was something that Insomniac Games also recognized. PS4’s Spider-Man game was one of the best-selling titles on the PlayStation, this helped spawn an entire series of Spider-Man titles, with Spider-Man: Miles Morales, being a PS5 launch title. However, While Miles Morales is a fantastic character and a well-written Spider-Man, players are hoping for more Peter in the next Spider-Man outing. This seems to be the case with the announcement of Spider-Man 2. With a Release date of 2023, there’s still some time before the next Spider-Man title. However, it looks like there’s going to be a shift in tone. 

Spider-Man 2 is going to be a Darker game Tonally

During the This Week in Marvel podcast, the Marvel VP of Creative made an appearance for an interview. During his section, he talked about the two Insomniac games announced at the PS5 Showcase, Wolverine, and Spider-Man 2. In the interview, the VP of Creative said that there were still some Easter Eggs left inside of the Wolverine trailer that players hadn’t uncovered yet. However, the comments he made about the Spider-Man game are where things become a little more interesting. “If the first Spider-Man game was Star Wars, Spider-Man 2 is kind of our Empire” 

With this in mind, it seems that the new Spider-Man game is going to be darker tonally. This seems to fall in line with the reveal that Venom is going to be the main antagonist, however, players who went through the DLC for the game will already know this. However, How dark can the game really get?

How Far Will Spider-Man Go?

Even Though Venom is going to be an antagonist in the game, how far is the game willing to go if it’s intentionally going to be darker in tone? Considering that the Wolverine game is going to be an M-Rated title, but Spider-Man PS4 and Miles Morales have both been rated Teen, are they going to go to an M rating as well? 

It does seem that if they’re going to include Venom, they’re going to have to show him doing some evil things, and since venom is one to eat people, showing that might put it in the M-Rating. If they’re going to use Kraven the Hunter, as the game’s trailer implies, they could possibly use him to make the tone darker. However, they’ve managed to pull off a Teen rating for the first two games. There’s not much more than could possibly be done. However, with the inclusion of Venom as a character, there is a chance players are going to see the Green goblin. As it was shown that Harry Osborn is going to be Venom in the game, with him on the loose, there’s a chance that Norman is going to don the mask of the goblin in an effort to stop Venom. Plus, being that he would be the leader of the group of enemies, there’s a chance that they might team up to stop Spider-Man. 

However, all this is speculation. Players won’t know the contents of Spider-man 2 until its launch in 2023. Until then, all they can do is listen to whatever news comes out as the year comes to a close, and the launch of the game draws ever closer. 


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