Speedrunner Beats Ocarina of Time Through the Demo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 30th 2021

The speedrunning community is something else, constantly looking for ways to complete games in the fastest way possible. While speedrunners will sometimes find skips in the most unlikely ways, nobody has completed a game with a hard time limit.

Insert the speedrunner, Savestate. This YouTube user has given themselves a challenge: complete The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time within five minutes. However, the way that the challenge is completed is something nobody expected.

Speedrunning Ocarina of Time in Super Smash Bros.

This is where Super Smash Brothers Brawl comes in. Smash Bros. Brawl is one of the games in the series that players aren’t fond of. However, the game community has been able to modify the game to play more like its GameCube counterpart, complete with online matchmaking. 

However, one of the stand-out features of Brawl was its collection of playable demos that players could try out, containing the original games Nintendo’s characters came from. One of these titles was Ocarina of Time, with a five-minute set limit for the demo. 

Nintendo forgot to remove the fact that the game is playable within those five minutes, combining this with the fact that the game comes with save files from two game sections. One of which gives the player enough items to complete the game through using an SRM Wrong warp, which will cause the credits to run

This glitch works because the game can change the code of the title by placing items in the world or interacting with certain objects. Each scene, including the credits, has a number. Changing this number will cause the scenes to spawn in. Everything done in the video is intentional, placing the fish in the Goron village, picking up the invisible object, and transitioning into the Lost Woods. In a sense, Savestate is rewriting the code of the game inside of the game itself, without having to write anything. 

With this hard time limit, the community has been theorizing if it was possible to complete Ocarina of Time before the game times out. Savestate used the SRM wrong warp in the Lost Woods to cause the game to activate the credits. They managed to finish the game within four minutes and 38 seconds, giving 12 seconds of credits before Brawl kicked them out of the game. 

But they weren’t done with that as they managed to beat Ganon within the time limit as well. Using the SRM wrong warp once more, they immediately initiated the boss fight with Ganon instead of activating the credits. However, the game does have a lengthy amount of cutscenes. This makes for a lot of lost time, and since the game won’t let players skip them, this means there’s very little room for error. 

Savestate explains the strategy, “For this route, you only have about 10 (ten!) seconds of leeway over the whole 5-minute demo. Two HESSes (moving backward really fast), Lost Woods bridge skip, SRM, and a clean Ganon fight are just barely enough to clock in under 5 minutes. After grinding for over 200 attempts, I was finally able to execute well enough to defeat Ganon with a mid 4:56 (3.5 seconds before the demo ended).”

While this is the only time that the Brawl demo has been completed officially, there’s room for more titles in the masterpieces menu to allow for more speedruns to be completed. One such game included in Brawl is Super Mario World, with the game having a wrong warp to the credits much in the same way that Ocarina of Time does. However, the game will let the player view the credits, as the speedrun for the wrong warp in Super Mario World can be completed in 42 seconds. 

Regardless, this Ocarina of Time Smash speedrun is something else, being that the game is set to kick the player out after five minutes means that there’s no possible way to complete the game glitchless. It’s impressive to consider that Brawl can hold the games in their entirety on the disc. A modified version of the game, removing the time limit, or changing it, would allow players to enjoy the games to their heart’s content without owning a copy of it outside of Brawl. 


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