Sources: xQc to Join Luminosity Gaming as a Streamer

by in Entertainment | Aug, 12th 2020

Félix “xQc” Lengyel is set to join Luminosity Gaming as a streamer, according to sources. The news was first mentioned off-handedly by Hollywood Reporter in a report on the signing of RickyNoHands, and confirmed to Esports Talk via sources close to the team.

A Big Win for Luminosity Gaming

This is a big win for Luminosity, who are signing away xQc from the Sentinels organization. He joined up with them after a stint on the Gladiators Legion Contenders roster (as a streamer and substitute), and before that as an Overwatch League professional player for the Dallas Fuel.

xQc’s built a reputation for his manic, light-hearted streams as well as high-level gameplay in a number of titles. Most recently, he’s been streaming Fall Guys, as most large Twitch streamers have been, which has netted him some impressive viewership. He’s also played Valorant recently on stream, as he was invited by Riot Games to participate in the closed beta. During that period back in April, he reached his all-time peak of viewership on his stream playing Valorant with 222,720 concurrent viewers, and highest total uniques of almost 2 million viewers.

Luminosity has been on something of a hot streak of signings recently after the departure of the players that went on to form the 1 Percent brand. In addition to signing RickyNoHands, they also recently announced the signing of a competitive Apex Legends team, Fortnite streamer Muselk, in addition to Sommerset, Keys, Slacks, Jamper, and Eclipsae. They also teased the signing of a Valorant squad earlier today, making them one of the last big teams to get involved with Riot’s hit new FPS as things ramp up.

Will xQc Play Professionally, or Just Stream?

While unlikely, it’s possible that the timing of the tease for the Valorant squad and xQc’s signing could add up. In the past, xQc has stated some desire to compete at a professional level in a game again, following his exit from competitive Overwatch. While he has played on the Overwatch World Cup stage for Team Canada, he hasn’t made a professional appearance since leaving the Dallas Fuel. He did briefly play in Contenders on a non-serious level for Team GOATS, and was a sub for Gladiators Legion, though he didn’t make many appearances for the latter. He has been ramping up his Valorant streams alongside Fall Guys and Chess, recently.

Of course, should Luminosity Gaming decide to use xQc competitively in Valorant, they could eventually be asking for trouble. The Canadian-born streamer has been involved in several controversies in Overwatch, where he famously clashed repeatedly with OWL officials over his behavior on his stream. Riot has traditionally not been so heavy on policing player streams, but they do tend to fine players for anything particularly egregious — with Valorant competition eventually ramping up, it’s certainly something they might want to keep in mind. 

xQc has also been banned three times from Twitch in the past, which could also be something to consider, for accidentally showing NSFW content. 

As of writing, xQc has about 40,913 subscribers, with just over half of that being Prime subscriptions. He has about 3.2 million followers on Twitch and averages about 38,856 concurrents per stream. 

Esports Talk has reached out to Luminosity Gaming for comment on this report, but have not received a response at time of reporting.


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