Sound the Alarms: Overwatch 2 Has Just Lost Its Executive Producer

by in Overwatch | Sep, 22nd 2021

Things just went from (really) bad to worse: Chacko Sonny, the executive producer on both Overwatch and Overwatch 2, has decided to leave Blizzard after “five years of service.” We’re at a loss for words here — a natural reaction, given the series of unfortunate events and allegations levied against Blizzard and some of its high-profile employees.

And, well, Sonny’s departure is just one of many that have seemingly come out of left field. The thing is, we never really know just how involved these individuals have been throughout the game’s development, nor can we fully grasp the impact of their departure. Did they play an integral part from the very beginning, or was it perhaps a more “supplementary” role? There are layers to these things, and no two departures have the same weight nor do they affect things equally.

Either way, it’s not a good sign, neither for Overwatch 2 nor for the company as a whole to see the producer leave.

Overwatch 2 has had multiple setbacks in its development

For Blizzard fans and supporters, the last couple of months have been a living hell — and the same goes for the many victims of harassment and assault who’ve only now been given a platform to speak up and share their terrible experiences (and we’re really putting it mildly here). To make matters even worse, it’s like there’s no end in sight as if there’s a new scandal for us to cover each and every single morning.

What a truly shocking fall from grace.

A Worrying Outlook

According to Bloomberg, there weren’t harassment allegations against Sonny specifically, but his departure is still a worrying sign for Overwatch 2. The game is still in development and will surely see the light of day (eventually), but it’s hard not to be skeptical about its future and ability to generate as much hype as its predecessor.

And, well, Blizzard really needs a home run for it to stand even the slightest chance of breaking even.


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