Could We See a Soulja Boy Esports Franchise in 2019?

by | Dec, 18th 2018

Soulja Boy up in this…esports? Yes, you heard that right. American Rapper and entrepreneur, DeAndre ‘Soulja Boy’ Cortez, has announced plans to launch an esports franchise in early 2019.

Although still in the early stages of development, Soulja Boy told TMZ that he intends to establish an esports franchise to challenge industry giants like Team Liquid. Soulja Boy wants to field multiple squads to compete in many of the industry’s most high-profile titles.

“Honestly, I’m starting an esports organization at the top of 2019,” Soulja Boy told TMZ. “We’re going to be finding talent, hiring talent. I’m going to put together a team for Fortnite, a team for Call of Duty, put together a team for Overwatch, Counter-Strike, all of that. But one thing at a time.”

Soulja Boy is no stranger to the gaming industry. Earlier this month he released his very own video game console, called SouljaGame, and in July competed in NerdOut’s Anything Goes Competition — playing Fortnite against streaming stars like Ninja and Hysteria.

Cortez claims to be an avid gamer, making his newest venture far from a random pursuit. “I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid… since I was 5-years old. I’ve always been in the video game industry.”

The inspiration to start an esports franchise came when the rapper witnessed the assembly of his custom gaming computer. Watching the NZXT tech team assemble his machine opened his eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.

“(The computer being built) sparked a big vision in me. I saw them build it from scratch in one day and put my logo on the side of it… It was inspiring to me,” Soulja Boy said to TMZ.

This represents a growing trend of artists investing in the gaming industry. Most recently, Canadian mega-star Drake signed on as co-owner of the gaming franchise 100 Thieves. It’s fair to wonder if Soulja Boy is equipped to follow a similar path, but the rapper is as qualified as any.

In addition to gaming, Soulja Boy has a long track record of entrepreneurial pursuits in music, fashion, gambling, and tech. People can question Soulja Boy’s business acumen, but they cannot question his experience.

Soulja Boy also claims to have close friend and gaming mega-star, Ninja, as a mentor teaching him about the business side of competitive gaming. If Soulja Boy is serious about starting an esports franchise, he normally walks the walk. Success in the industry is another story, but having money and a big name gives you shot.


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