SoulCalibur VI Update Announced to Bring Improvements

by | Dec, 7th 2018

Yesterday the SoulCalibur twitter announced they would be releasing an update that will fix issues and include improvements. The news comes as a huge relief to fans of the series who were worried that the problems experienced would not be resolved.

Such issues that needed addressing were network connection times, game freezes, long loading screens, random disconnects, character creation, and so on. In addition to bug fixes, the SoulCalibur VI update intends to improve battle gameplay and character move sets.

Let’s look at some of the details that made the need for this update imperative.

SoulCalibur VI Update Character Creation

SoulCalibur VI has had a lot of hiccups since the initial release relating to connection issues, loading times, and most notably character creation. The character creator was a brilliant idea and allowed for a very high level of customization – but as always people couldn’t be trusted.

Players used the character creator to make all sorts of inappropriate creations that were playable in ranked mode. Not only were there obscene and inappropriate characters in the ranked mode, but characters covered with umbrellas and other items to hide their attack patterns.

Players have been using these obscene characters to run up the ranks, and it has slightly derailed SoulCalibur VI’s potential esports growth by tainting ranked. The update intends to fix some of these obvious issues with character creation and hopefully get it right back on the competitive track.

Network Problems/Loading Screens

There were issues relating to incredibly long search times to find matches in ranked mode – even when players turned on the broadest search categories. There will be some overall improvements to network functionality coming with that update to hopefully make things quicker.

Casual matches were having issues relating to getting stuck in both the character selection screens or on the loading screens. The solution before the update occurs – wait a few seconds or restart the game – which is the instructions the SoulCalibur VI team has offered until the update.

SoulCalibur VI Update Gameplay

Aside from some of the issues based on cosmetic details and connection issues, there will be some adjustments relating to specific character move sets. The moves will be adjusted, and their mechanics reworked to improve competitive performance.

It is merely speculation as to what types of changes will occur to the character move sets and who will receive changes. We don’t know if the SoulCalibur VI update will be buffs to specific characters, change reverse-edge mechanics, change critical edge mechanics, or straight nerfs.

There are a lot of potential tweaks that can be made to the game to improve the overall quality. We will be here looking forward to some of these changes as the community awaits further announcements.


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