Soul MortaL Donates His PMCO 2019 Prize Money to the Indian Army

by in General | Nov, 13th 2019

The PMCO 2019 regional qualifiers recently wrapped up in Delhi, India, where some of the very best teams from India competed to see who would come out on top. In the end, it was all down to two teams: Team Soul and Entity Gaming, both of which are juggernauts.

Entity Gaming Wins, Team Soul Gets Second Place

When the dust settled, though, the clear winner was none other than Entity Gaming. Despite the loss in the finals, Team Soul celebrated an excellent run for their team at the event, and one participant had something specific that he wanted to pay tribute to with his second-place earnings.

Naman Mathur of Team Soul, best known by his team name of Soul MortaL, celebrated his placement in the regional qualifiers by posting about it all on his Facebook account. His followers were able to see his immediate reactions to the event, plus what his plans are for the money he earned.

Soul MortaL began his message by being grateful that the finals for the regional qualifiers are now over and that he can return to his family. He also went on to congratulate Entity Gaming directly, despite their loss and noting that they are well deserving of being the champions for India.

He then noted that it was unfortunate that the team did finish in second and not in first, but that the team will, as always, learn from their mistakes and improvise in the future. He also congratulated the other teams that placed in the top five at the regional qualifiers for the event.

From there, he addressed his teammates directly, thanking Viper for going competitive together and to ClutchGod and Regaltos for their adaptive “teamwork” and performance against the other experienced players on the battlefield at the competition.

Soul MortaL concluded his lengthy post about the events at the regional qualifiers by noting that now they are going to need to get ready to go up against the best teams from around the world soon and that he is proud that he gets to represent India in the future.

Soul MortaL Donates All PMCO 2019 Prize Money to Indian Army

Finally, he announced that he dedicates his qualifications for the Global Finals in the future to the Indian Army. However, his dedication didn’t just end with his words, though, as he made sure to note that he will be dedicating all of his PMCO prize money (not just some) to the Indian Army as well.

The celebration for Soul MortaL doesn’t end there, though, as Tencent later came by and handed over some goodies to the player. Soul MortaL not only did well alongside his team in the qualifiers but was voted on the website as the fan-favorite player for the event.

Even though Team Soul lost to Entity Gaming in the finals, both teams have earned an invitation to represent India at the PMCO 2019 Global Finals. The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 will feature some of the best teams for the mobile battle royale game from around the world as they compete to see who comes out on top.

Just earning a spot in the massive global event is an honor, and it will be interesting to see how the two teams will do in the ensuing competition. At the same time, though, the three other Indian teams that rounded out the top five at the PMCO 2019 regional qualifiers will have another chance.

Team Synerge, Team INS, and Team IND will all have another chance to make it into the Global Finals during the preliminary round of the competition. There, they will have the opportunity to earn a place in the Global Finals alongside Team Soul and Entity Gaming.

Both the players and the fans will not have to wait too much longer for the Global Finals World Championship, which is set to happen later this month. Twenty-nine teams will compete in squads third-person mode offline to determine which team will come out on top.

The event will begin in just a few days on November 23 and will run through December 1, 2019, where a winning team will be crowned. There is a massive prize pool for the PUBG Mobile event, with $500,000 available for teams to earn a share.

Ten regions will be represented there. Only the very best mobile battle royale team in the world will come out on top. Be sure to stay tuned right here soon for our full breakdown of the upcoming Global Finals, how to watch it, and who will be participating in the event.


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