Sorry, Summoner, but Wild Rift Will Not Have Global Access in 2020

by in League of Legends | Oct, 19th 2020

I know we just talked about the possibility of seeing Wild Rift in 2020, but that has already changed. In fact, in the past week, we’ve talked about this twice! What was once rumor has now been dispelled, according to the League of Legends: Wild Rift developers. What does that mean? While the open beta will likely still be available in the previously announced areas, there will not be Wild Rift global access in 2020. We’re sorry to report it! Several people on the team are genuinely looking forward to giving it a spin!


COVID-19 strikes again and ruins what could have been a titanic portable MOBA. Originally, the promise was that Wild Rift would be available in 2020, but that just isn’t possible. Their team is working exceptionally hard, but the change in how things are done, thanks to COVID-19 really hurt the development of Wild Rift. 

We heard the news thanks to a tweet from Riot Games’ Feral Pony, as seen below. The lead developer of Wild Rift badly wants to make the game available to everyone in 2020, but that simply isn’t possible. So don’t be mad at the devs, it’s genuinely out of their control. The full thread can be viewed right here and includes a link to their Regional Open Beta /Dev Update video.


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