Sony Reportedly Working on Game Pass Competitor

by in General | Dec, 4th 2021

If the rumor mill is to be believed, Sony is currently working on a Game Pass competitor, a service that would rival Microsoft’s own and, in doing so, give potential buyers yet another reason to choose Sony over its perennial Redmond-based adversary.

And, frankly, we’re surprised it took them this long! Xbox Game Pass has garnered a metric ton of praise and attention and is undoubtedly a key selling point — as strange as it might sound. Microsoft’s exclusives and IPs pale in comparison to Sony’s (at least for now), but having the “Netflix for gaming” on its side has given the Xbox a fighting chance.

Over 100 top-notch games (most of which are of the AAA variety) for just $9.99 a month? That’s the deal of the century! Fortunately, Sony got the message loud and clear and is plotting its next move.

Big Moves From Sony

According to well-known Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, Sony will essentially combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. Additionally, we can expect three separate tiers: the first one will offer the same benefits as PlayStation Now with online play and monthly free games. The second one would have a sizable back catalog of PlayStation 4 titles with a few PlayStation 5 ones thrown in for good measure. The third and final one would double down on that approach and would offer PS1, PS2, PS3, and even PSP titles.

Color us intrigued! It’s not a carbon copy of what Microsoft is doing with Game Pass, but it would nonetheless make Sony’s consoles even more alluring. The biggest difference, however, is that this brand new service (codenamed “Spartacus”) won’t have day-one exclusives. Getting the same kind of “love” from Sony as we do from Microsoft was never an option, and “handing out” AAA titles in such a manner is a move that is seemingly in conflict with Sony’s business model — to absolutely no one’s surprise.

“This new service, expected in the spring, will likely retain the ‘PlayStation Plus’ branding. Don’t expect Sony to include its big new games day one like Game Pass does, but the expectation is a stronger offering than PlayStation Now,” said Schreier on Twitter.

All of this sounds mighty promising, and while “Spartacus” isn’t going to offer the same kind of value as Xbox Game Pass, it’ll still boost Sony’s sales and provide gamers with a little bit of extra for their hard-earned money. We’ll hear more about it in just a few months so stay tuned!


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