Sony Confirms PlayStation 5 ‘Holiday 2020’ Release

by in General | Oct, 8th 2019

Every time someone mentions the next generation of consoles, it’s usually just speculations. There hasn’t been any official news for quite a while, and now we’re finally getting some action. From both ends, mind you.

Just a few days ago, news surfaced on Microsoft looking into the idea of gaming carpets for Xbox VR. Yes, you read that correctly, gaming carpets! It doesn’t get any sillier than that. No, Microsoft employees haven’t gone mad overnight, gaming carpets are an interesting concept, further building on the mainstream popularity of virtual reality. We’re talking about carpets infused with sensors coupled with integrated haptic feedback systems.

The folks over at Sony decided their console competitors are enjoying too much public exposure with their VR rumors. So, they went on and officially announced the release date of their next-gen console. Yep, PlayStation 5 release date has finally been unveiled, and here’s everything you need to know about it!

PlayStation 5 Release Date Announcement

First things first – PlayStation 5 release date is set for the 2020 holiday season, just like we all expected. Furthermore, there are no more speculations on its name. No, it’s not going to be called PlayStation V or PlayStation X. Sony’s next-gen console will be called PlayStation 5, nothing more and nothing less!

But that’s not everything we’ve learned from the official PlayStation 5 release date announcement.

PlayStation 5 News & New Features

The most important thing regarding the new Sony PlayStation 5 is the announcement of hardware-based ray-tracing support. Yes, we all expected PS5 to have some ray-tracing, but people thought it would be a software trick rather than a fully-fledged RT chip.

Furthermore, Sony’s next-gen console won’t lack an optical drive, meaning it won’t be a digital-only console. It will support Blu-ray disks with up to 100GB of space and will be capable of running 4K Blu-ray media.

We still haven’t found out the size of PS5’s SSD, but Sony confirmed games wouldn’t be able to function directly off physical Blu-ray disks. We’ll still have to install them on the console’s internal memory. Although they’re claiming we’ll have much more freedom with our installations. For example, we’ll be able to install either single player or multiplayer modes for particular games, allowing us to save space for our future gaming endeavors.

PlayStation Assist is another noteworthy addition. Even though we don’t know much about it at this point, we can assume it’s a dedicated virtual assistant for Sony’s upcoming console. Sort of like Microsoft’s Cortana or Ubisoft’s Sam. Sony just recently secured the name PlayStation Assist, so it’s safe to assume they’re preparing it for PlayStation 5 release date.

PlayStation 5 Will Feature New Controllers

That’s not all, folks! PlayStation 5 release date announcement also shed some light onto the brand-new controller. Even though PS5 will most likely have support for older DualShock controllers, the new one will bring a lot of upgrades and seems like it will put our good old DualShocks to rest once and for all.

The biggest thing with Sony’s new controller is its dynamic triggers (L2 and R2). Depending on the gameplay, they’ll either be softer or harder, further upping the immersion in new games. For example, in shooters, the triggers will have different levels of resistance based on the weapon you’re shooting at (softer when shooting from an SMG, and harder when shooting from a double-barrel shotgun). It’s an interesting concept, no doubt about it, although I’m afraid it won’t have a lot of influence on the gameplay once the novelty factor wears out.

Additionally, the classic controller vibrations are no more! They’re getting replaced by modern-tech in the form of haptic feedback systems. That allows game devs to use a whole new array of haptic feedback effects. Whether we’re talking about driving on gravel, grass, sand, shooting from different weapons, and even getting fouled in sports simulations, these new haptic feedback drivers will feature different effects for each scenario. Sounds awesome, right?

Last but not least, controller speakers are making a comeback, with alleged superior sound quality and different types of effects.


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