Sonicfox Isn’t Having Fun in GG Strive and Fans Are Overreacting

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 3rd 2021

We don’t have to like something that is current and popular, and Sonicfox has lost interest in GG Strive. Sonicfox is one of the best fighting game players in the entire world, and they recently dropped a fairly innocent tweet. Sonicfox just isn’t having fun with GG Strive anymore. What did Sonicfox say to get people so irate on the internet? As it turns out, it doesn’t take too much:

Gonna keep it a stack but I have 0 motivation to play strive lately. Havent been enjoying the game as much as I hoped to.

It’s Okay To Not Like Something:

Some of the responses to Sonicfox are really disgusting and rude. Some of the bigger names in fighting games suggested trying a new character, like Justin Wong. One incredibly rude Twitter user said they “don’t care to see you in our scene.” Why? Because Sonicfox doesn’t feel motivated to play GG Strive anymore? This is either some serious troll posting, or someone’s wildly upset over nothing. 

Sonicfox did admittedly have a sharp reply for people who complained. Some have said that they “lost one tournament and dropped GG Strive.” His response was a pointed one:

I also keep hearing people saying “you just lose one tournament and drop the game” and last I checked I won the last 1700 man tournament for Strive which was also the last tournament I ever entered. So let’s stop the cap now please and just say you hate me and go about ya day. ESPECIALLY when I met a personal goal myself in that tournament and still ultimately decided I didn’t like the game. It just be like that sometimes

GG Strive is still very new. Some have even gone so far as to say that the game is dead since Sonicfox and a few other FGC players aren’t feeling it right now. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are so many fans of the game, and though some people aren’t feeling motivated to play GG Strive, like Sonicfox, there’s no sense being upset over it. 

The problem here is that Sonicfox isn’t even saying they hate GG Strive. They just aren’t motivated to play it right now. On Twitter, Sonicfox pointed out the problem with GG Strive to them:

Even in a game like Skullgirls 10 years later, it still doesn’t even feel solved. Like we’re just now cracking the surface still. Strive I made an opinion on what the meta would be day 1 and here we are two months later with said meta being what it is.”

Sonicfox pointed out that the game feels limited to him, that it’s forcing him into a box in terms of gameplay. They also have been playing other games like Melty Blood and Tekken. Sonicfox says what we should already know: It’s okay to not like a new game. They haven’t pulled out of the game completely yet though. CEO will be the tournament where Sonicfox determines whether or not they will stick with the game. It’s okay to not be happy with a game. There’s zero wrong with deciding a game isn’t for you. The important thing to do is respect someone’s decision instead of flaming, insulting, or threatening a player over it. 


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