SonicFox and MKLeo Leave Echo Fox

by in Fighting Game News | Feb, 26th 2020

Months after the org’s supposed dissolution following last year’s scandal surrounding allegations against one of their investors Amit Raizada, Echo Fox appears to have parted ways with the last of the pieces belonging to the org, fighting game pros SonicFox and MKLeo.

The Announcements

In separate announcements over the past week, both players revealed they had parted ways with the now-defunct org. They thanked the team and the former owner Rick Fox for their time and support. SonicFox began his statement with: “Announcing my official departure from Echo Fox. Had a lot of good runs with the team and it changed my life! Looking forward to the future and new opportunities! Expect new announcements soon.”

MKLeo’s statement also touched on the good times he had with the org. “As of today I cut paths with Echo Fox, [it’s] been a great journey. I met many good people and I also had some of the best years of my life. Thank you Rick Fox for the opportunity to be part of the Fox family. I’ll never forget it. Good things are coming pretty soon! Prepare.”

The announcements mark the final end to the story of a much-beloved org in esports. Echo Fox is known for its League of Legends roster, emphasis on fighting game players and former owner Rick Fox. His adoption of the industry has seen massive outreach and awareness raised amongst the general public about esports and their popularity.

Two Successful Players

Neither player has yet to reveal where they’re moving to. With excellent track records, they won’t remain teamless for long. MKLeo is a major force in the Smash Bros community. He’s considered one of the best players in the world ever since his days starting on Super Smash Bros Wii U. MKLeo won multiple tournaments across both that entry in the series and the newest one, Smash Ultimate. This includes a miraculous run through the Losers Bracket at EVO 2019 to win the entire event.

On the other end of the table, SonicFox is a legend amongst fighting game fans across most traditional fighters such as Mortal Kombat and Dragon Ball FighterZ. SonicFox won top prizes across multiple titles in the FGC. He most famously defeated fellow top Dragon Ball player Go1 (pronounced Go-Ichi) after switching sides at EVO 2018. SonicFox currently holds an unprecedented five EVO championships across three separate titles. He’s been an outspoken supporter of minority communities in the scene and has served a role model for many players as well.


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