Some PUBG Mobile India Teams Move to PMPL Arabia

by in PUBG Mobile | Apr, 5th 2021

There has been a lot of controversy lately surrounding the fact that India banned PUBG Mobile and other games from the country completely. While there is a lot involved with this decision, it even means that some pro teams have been completely out of work for the time since then.

PUBG Mobile India Teams Are Reportedly Moving to PMPL Arabia Division

It even meant that the entire PUBG Mobile India League had to be shut down as there was no way for the teams to play the game legally and still participate from their home country. Fortunately, it looks like there is some silver lining for the future and it comes from an unlikely place: the PMPL Arabia division.

According to sources who are “familiar to the matter” from GemWire, there are some now-former PUBG Mobile India pro teams that will be moving to the PMPL Arabia division for the upcoming season of the league, and it looks like they will be able to continue playing the game competitively there.

The two teams from India that have been supposedly confirmed for the Arabian league are the overwhelmingly popular and talented Galaxy Racer and TSM Entity teams. According to the unspecified sources, both of these teams have been directly invited to the PMPL Arabia competition.

The supposed TSM Entity and Galaxy Racer teams from India will reportedly be joining the other teams that will be competing in the PMPL Arabia 2021 season. In total, the league is going to have 20 teams in it, and there are different ways for teams to earn a place in the division.

How Teams Qualify for the PMPL Arabia

For one, the teams are, typically, supposed to be from a few different countries only, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. However, it looks like this point is going to be overlooked a bit for the two teams that are coming from the PMPL India division.

Of the 20 teams that are competing in the PMPL Arabia 2021 season, nine of the teams are coming from the regional Club Open qualifiers, where they were able to do well and advance to the league stage. The other 11 are being directly invited to the league for one reason or another.

The PMPL Arabia season will begin on May 18 and will run for almost a month until June 13. The 20 teams will compete every week during that time in order to determine who will win it all and likely advance to the world stage at some point in the future.

Here is where things get kinda tricky, though, as TSM Entity and Galaxy Racer are two of the 11 teams who have been invited into this league. They originally competed in the South Asia league until the ban last year caused their competition to crumble as there was no legal way to do so.

Rules for the PMPL Make This Tricky

Furthermore, the current rules for the PUBG Mobile Esports organization is that at least three of the players on the full roster for a team must be residents of a particular region in order to compete there. In addition, at least two of those residents must be competing in every single match for the validity to remain.

This is where things get weird as both of the teams currently have the same Indian roster that they had before, basically, not meeting those requirements. We don’t expect the PUBG Mobile Esports officials to make an exception to the rules here so this would require either a full-on rule change or something else.

The main possibility that we can see happening here is that both of these pro teams are going to be packing up and moving to another country in the actual Arabia league, or may have already done so to qualify. If they have become temporary residents of that country, it is possible that they will be able to compete there.

We have seen this happen before in other leagues, and it isn’t uncommon for esports teams to pack their bags and move to other countries in order to have a better connection or the like. Though there is a global pandemic and all right now, there is a chance that the players have been able to take up residence in at least one of these countries.

Galaxy Racer and TSM Entity Are the Best From India

What is important to note about these two teams, in particular, and why they were supposedly invited to the PMPL Arabia season is that both Galaxy Racer and TSM Entity are the best of the best from India. During the first South Asia season, Galaxy Racer was able to win it all in first place.

What is also weird about this particular team is that the organization is originally from the United Arab Emirates but signed the winners of the first season, Celts. This could mean that they have a pretty easy way of having the players come over and live there, and be valid for the upcoming Arabia season.

On the other hand, TSM Entity is a team that consists of the mix between the overwhelmingly popular Team SoloMid and Entity Gaming, the latter of which is from India. They were able to place second during the inaugural season, just behind the Galaxy Racer roster.

These are the top two teams from the India region, so it is no surprise that another region would want to scope them out for competing there. After all, they have immense talent that is going to waste if they are unable to compete. Hopefully, we will have some official word from the PUBG Mobile Esports organization in the coming days to figure out what is happening here.


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