Some of the Mechanics Introduced with the FIFA 22 Career Mode Trailer Look Game-Changing

by in Sports Games | Aug, 6th 2021

Even though the bread and butter of the FIFA franchise, at least in recent years, has been the moneymaker called FIFA Ultimate Team, there is still a very vocal group who prefers a single-player experience. And what better way to fully immerse yourself in the magnificent world of football than through the FIFA 22 Career Mode? This vocal group had some alterations to look forward to in the past, but it seems as though FIFA 22 will have the biggest impact on everyone’s favorite single-player mode in FIFA games!

FIFA 22 Career Mode | Biggest Changes

We’ve known for a while now that FIFA 22 Career Mode will allow us to create our own club and build it from the ground up. But, there are additional FIFA 22 Career Mode changes we didn’t know. Let’s take a closer look!

Player Career Mode Alterations

There are several important changes to the Player Career Mode as well! You can now come on as a sub directly from the sim screen, right from the moment your manager decides to sub you in. The new Manager Rating system is there to measure your in-game performances and managers belief in you. It’s a great way to further immerse players into the electric world of FIFA Player Career Mode.

That’s not all – the folks over at EA have redesigned the Match Objectives system too! The new objectives will be based on factors like the quality of the opposition, your teams’ formation, and your playing position. This will also tie to the complex Player Growth system. More information on that right down below:

Player Growth System

The player growth system has been completely overhauled… but only for created players! If you play career mode with an RL player, the system will work as it did in previous FIFA games. What does the new player growth system bring forth?

It’s based on earning XP and leveling up your players via post-match-rewards and after finishing training sessions. The new player growth system comes in the form of a skill tree divided into several sections such as physical, defending, dribbling, passing, etc. There’s another factor that comes into play here – perks!

What are FIFA 22 perks? They are new in-game attributes coming in as a part of the player growth system. You can unlock various perks as you level up your character. Up to three perks are equippable prior to a match and they’ll provide additional performance boosts. While they do trigger automatically, you will have to meet certain requirements for them to activate. You can learn more about FIFA 22 Perks in EA’s Deep Dive.

Create Your Own Club

That’s right – FIFA 22 will allows us to create our own club! his will function in a way that’ll require us to eliminate an existing team from its league and replace it with our own. We’ll also be able to choose whether we want to start from the lowest division and climb our way up the promotion ladder or go straight to the premier division and fight for Champions League glory right away.

On top of that, we’ll also be able to choose our rivals, choose your club’s philosophy, and select a nickname that you’ll hear the commentators say every now and then. That’s not where the customization options end. Crest creation, stadium creation, kit customization, all that awaits in the all-new FIFA game! And, from the looks of the in-game footage, there are plenty of options for us to explore. Well done, EA!

Minor Alterations

Dressing room atmosphere, expanded stories, and transfer negotiations cinematic sequences make for minor alterations. They’re not necessarily game-changing, but they do improve the immersion and should be a nice addition… if they end up working properly, that is.

PC Players Unlucky

We’ve already talked about EA giving PC players the finger last month. The new HyperMotion technology will only be available on next-gen consoles and Stadia. That’s not all, though. Some of the above-mentioned FIFA 22 Career Mode changes won’t be available on PC either. We still don’t know the full list, but we do know that some of the expanded stories regarding club and players won’t be coming to PC.

What do you guys think about these FIFA 22 Career Mode changes? Do you play Career Mode or are you a fan of the competitive nature of the game? Tell us more in the comment section below!


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