Sodapoppin’s Stream Gains 3m Bot Followers Overnight

by in Entertainment | Dec, 28th 2020

We aren’t suggesting Sodapoppin bought bots, mind. It would serve him no purpose, and it’s also a fast-track to getting banned on Twitch. Bots are a plague on Twitch though. There are a number of large streamers who gained tons of followers out of virtually nowhere, thanks to bots going around and following people. Some of these people have doubled their numbers thanks to bots practically overnight. Viewbotting is a bannable offense, but it’s not like these people asked for bots. We’re sure Sodapoppin is going to be fine, and the viewbots will be purged.

More Viewers Are Great; Bot Viewers Are Bad

This occurred around December 17-18th, according to Twitch Metrics. Overnight, Sodapoppin’s Twitch followers broke 7 million, thanks to a host of bots going and following him en masse. He’s not the only one, either. Heelmike gained over 2.5 million followers, and Gonedoc gained 2.5 million. There are others who gained a pile of followers that actually mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Sure, it makes the follower count impressive, but it’s still against the Twitch TOS. For comparison, NICKMERCs gained about 200,000 followers this month according to Twitch Metrics, and it’s a nice, steady growth. Sodapoppin’s growth is practically a flat line until the December 21st spike. The big question is “Why would this be happening?”

It’s not likely that suddenly, already-huge streamers are going to spend money to buy millions of bots to make their streams look more impressive than they are. They don’t really gain anything from it, and it’s a really risky move. Twitch catches you, the ban hammer awaits. 

It could simply be fans trying to bot up more Twitch followers to help Sodapoppin out, or it could be something worse. There are always people out there, that are jealous of the success other streamers have. Perhaps there are people that are buying bots for other streamers, and plan on reporting the person they spent the money on. That way, they can claim someone like Sodapoppin bought Twitch follower bots, to take them down. That sounds really paranoid, we understand.

But this is far and away one of the weirdest things on Twitch for the year 2020. Not worst things, that’s a whole other article. As far as pure strangeness goes, this one’s way up there. If you just look at Twitch Metrics you can see Sodapoppin, Heelmike, Gonedoc, Shofu, Lolnatie and more with major bumps in followers of at least 800,000. If it were a legit 3.3 million follower boost this month (and in two days no less), that would almost have to be some kind of record. 


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