Sodapoppin Banned on Twitch, Issues Apology

by in General | Jul, 21st 2020

Sodapoppin is well known in the Twitch streaming community, but he was banned on Twitch without notice or explanation on July 20. This conveniently came after Roflgator was also banned. The current speculation is that Sodapoppin’s ban was because of a VRChat stream the two did on July 17. Has Sodapoppin done something to deserve this ban?

During the VRChat stream, various characters wore lingerie and other sexually-explicit outfits, which Twitch takes fairly seriously.

“When interacting with in-game nudity or sexual content in a permitted game, users may only spend as much time as is required to progress,” Twitch said. “In addition, users may not engage in simulated sexual activity or erotic roleplay—which includes the specific behaviors listed under Sexually Suggestive Content above—with other players in online games. Games that primarily consist of user-generated content, in-game roleplay, or interactions in virtual reality are not exempt from this policy.”

However, Sodapoppin has now issued an “apology.”

Mistakes Were Made

We use quotes because it was more of a joke than an apology, which you can view on YouTube. His “apology” is just a comedy routine it seems, more than anything else. In his apology, Soda says that his pursuit of “female attention” was “to much sexual content going on all at once,” and he understands the ban.

This is likely not a permanent ban, but making light of something as serious as a ban from such a huge platform is a little ridiculous. There’s no word if he will be unbanned, but if he jabs at Twitch too much, they might decide he doesn’t need the platform at all.

Sure, we’re glad that he’s not a broken mess about it, but he very clearly doesn’t seem to feel like he did anything wrong. That sort of streaming content belongs somewhere other than Twitch. It’s one thing to stream the God of War scene where Kratos is getting it on with a pair of women. It’s another thing entirely to “stumble upon” sexually explicit or suggestive content that other players have made in VR/VRChat.

Choosing to troll and make sarcastic, snide comments instead of taking the ban seriously is pretty telling about how little he fears it. He’s probably aware that the ban won’t last very long, 24 hours, maybe two weeks. It was likely the “sex dungeon” VRChat stream, or perhaps when he played “Chair F***ing Simulator.” It’s more probable that it was the VRChat stream, given that Roflgator was banned about 20 minutes beforehand. They both participated in the same stream.

Twitch has been taking bans seriously, so we’ll have to see if there’s any fallout for how Sodapoppin has responded to being banned.


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