Social VR Game Rec Room Finally Adds Vehicles

by in General | Sep, 28th 2021

There’s a lot of players can do in Virtual Reality titles, from ziplining across chasms to fighting enemies with their bare hands to climbing mountains, it seems the sky is the limit for VR. However, one game has it all, and its name is Rec Room. Being one of the top played games on VR. Rec Room is the family-friendly answer to other Social VR titles like VR Chat, however, the game is more than just an innocent VR playhouse. The game is home to many other VR titles and includes a lot of things for players to do. Players can join the game on almost any device, as it’s not localized to just VR headsets. Players can play with one another on PSVR, Android, iOS, Oculus Quest, and more! Players are able to fight inside paintball arenas, Work through haunted mansions inspired by Castlevania. Fight through dungeons or Pirate ships in the quest mode, or glide to victory in Rec Royale. If players don’t want to continue playing the games included in the title, they can always jump into the hundreds of thousands of rooms made by other users in the game. Players have managed to make Mario levels in the game, as well as full-scale cities. Some players have even managed to make full quests of their own, split between multiple rooms. Now, players can finally race around with their friends with recent addition of vehicles to Rec Room.

Vehicles Come to Rec Room in Rec Rally

On top of all of this, the game is expanding even more, especially with the new addition of Rec Rally. Since the game’s launch in 2016, a running inside joke in the community was the addition of “go-karts” players who wanted to be able to drive vehicles and participate in authentic races in the game. However, the developers of Rec Room, haven’t added vehicles and kept dodging the question. Now, all the players who have been asking for go-karts can finally rest easy, as vehicles have been added into the game. While they’re not Go-Karts, they’re rally buggies. These off-road vehicles fit the feel of the outside theming of Rec Room. However, they’re not completely based on reality as each vehicle comes with a big boost button, which will increase the speed of the car when pushed. 

Rec Rally will allow up to 6 Cars to race in the game, with two seats for each car. For a full 12 person race. However, there’s one other thing that makes the addition of vehicles something special for the game. Vehicles are going to be added to the maker pen. The Maker pen is the tool that players use to make their levels in the sandbox mode of the game. This means that with the addition of Vehicles in the game, the idea of custom races is going to be included. With everyone’s affinity for the Mario Kart Series, recreations of some of the tracks in the game are going to be added to the game. The developers also said that in the game, the option to customize buggies, add more passengers, and even dual wield objects while driving is going to be included. The buggies are more of a template than a singular vehicle. Player’s are going to be able to customize the vehicle to their liking, making all manner of cars without having to be constricted to the buggy. This opens the door for proper go-karts, and possibly renditions of vehicles used in Mario Kart, or other titles. With the addition of multiple seats in vehicles, vehicular combat is also something that could be done, with players being able to ride in armored cars and blast people with their paintball guns. 

The sky is certainly the limit when it comes to adding vehicles in the game, and since they’re natively coded to the game and not a creation of a user, they’re properly bug tested and will be easy to drive no matter the customization. This is massive news for Rec Room, and it’s going to cause a massive influx of players who are wanting to check out Rec Rally and possibly participate in a VR version of their favorite Kart racer. 


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