SNK to Release New NeoGeo Home Console in 2021

by in General | Dec, 15th 2020

SNK has made a surprise announcement of a new NEOGEO console that will debut in 2021. Likely inspired by the success of the NES, SNES, and Genesis Mini consoles, SNK seems to be gearing up for something similar here. 

There’s been no announcement as to the price of the console, what games it will include, or if it will feature rollback netcode for any of the included games. The only thing we know about the console is that it will come out next year and that it seems to include WiFi play for any games included on the console.

With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X out now, does the market still have the same taste for nostalgia that it did when the NES and SNES Classic came out? As of now, that remains to be seen, the same with whether or not SNK’s extensive back catalogue has the same kind of fanbase that the Nintendo consoles did.

Saudi Backing

Also worth noting – SNK recently took investment from a prince of Saudi Arabia, which could be driving SNK’s push to attempt to release a console. This move sparked widespread backlash among the fighting gaming community, and that could have an effect on the console’s longevity, especially with more hardcore fans. However, casual audiences might not know or care about this, and just the ability to play online with friends might be enough to sway audiences.

There’s also a possibility that SNK could reopen development and create some form of development tools for their 2021 system so that indie developers and others can make classic SNK games with the limitations of the NEOGEO console. While that is a niche market, we could finally see some sequels to classic titles that were abandoned over the course of SNK’s arcade development. 


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