SMITE News in 2021 | Esports, Patches, More

A standout member of the MOBA genre, SMITE mixes things up with its unique third-person twist to traditional MOBA combat. With an impressive World Championship and an even more impressive roster of characters to choose from, many MOBA fans can find a unique kind of fun in the world of SMITE. For news and updates on all things, SMITE including events, patches, and more join us here.

SMITE News and Updates

Jason Parker | May 24, 2021
John Finch, also known as the SMITE Caster “Finch” and also known as “YoungLink” has […]
Jason Parker | January 7, 2021
From my time in games journalism, HRX (Hi-Rez Expo) was my favorite time of year. […]
Chris Blain | November 19, 2018
After a long and arduous journey, Splyce has won the 2019 SMITE World Championship! Splyce […]
Greg Dempsey | July 17, 2018
Smite Patch 5.13 has arrived and there is some big news in the past few […]