SmashGodxXx Gets Twitch Ban After Alleged On-Stream Assault of Girlfriend

by in Entertainment | Apr, 1st 2021

Twitch has levied a ban on SmashGodxXx after a clip of his alleged assault on his girlfriend went viral. In the clip in question, Smashgodxxx turns his camera away, a door is slammed, and a clear slap-like sound is heard. SmashGodxXx denies the accusations and has tried to downplay the situation, claiming that nothing happened and laying blame at the feet of his his girlfriend. SmashGodxXx claims that if she wants to “act up for content, or whatever it may be, and she wants to cost my life for this and my job, that’s on her.”

Though an uncomfortable watch, the whole 16-minute VOD is here.

Not His First

It’s a truly gross, uncomfortable situation. The link can be found here, but please understand that it may be uncomfortable for some viewers. SmashGodxXx removed the original vod and clips, but Streamable has made the full VOD and clips available to be viewed. SmashGodxXx spends much of the stream clip blaming his girlfriend for what went down, with her sitting there in tears.

It didn’t take long for the clip to get seen, and the alleged assault to get Smashgodxxx a Twitch ban. It sounds like he admits to the slap, but in the clip, he says “It wasn’t even a slap, it was literally like a slash,” which, in the context of the video makes little sense. As many expressed doubt, there was a near-universal consensus amongst the community that the sound was certainly closer to a slap than anything else.

It’s an incredibly uncomfortable watch, where the girl sits there in tears, and he continually acts like he did nothing wrong. Perhaps the worst, most uncomfortable part though is when SmashGod’s sister takes the camera out of the room and walks off with it. There’s a lot of loud sounds and screams heard in the background as the girl walks away and talks to chat. She says the noise in the background is just them “jumping around”, until the screaming gets louder. The stream abruptly ends there.

There have been screenshots of Smashgodxxx’s Discord shared as well, where he tries to get his community to bury the story and downvote it as much as possible. It’s not his first ban either. He’s been banned back in 2018, and 2019 as well, and claims the clip showed him “do nothing wrong”. If you move the camera away, of course, nothing is seen, but the audio is rather concerning.

It’s not his first time allegedly doing something against a woman’s will either. Back in 2019, SmashGodxXx was featured on Judge Judy, for livestreaming his Tinder dates without permission. It got him permabanned on Youtube, but not Twitch, oddly enough. Probably because he uploaded the VODs to Youtube. It doesn’t look good for Twitch streamer SmashGodxXx and his ban, not after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend live on stream. As this is not his first offense/ban, and an incredibly serious offense to boot, we’ll have to see is SmashGod comes back, or if more serious actions are taken. Last year, Twitch stated they will take people with abuse allegations more seriously, so we’ll have to keep an eye on this situation as it develops.


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