Smash Ultimate Reveals Pyra and Mythra’s Moveset, Optimal Strategies

by in Fighting Game News | Mar, 5th 2021

With Pyra and Mythra making their debut in Smash Ultimate, Super Smash Bros. series creator and director Masahiro Sakurai took to his typical Sakurai Presents stream this morning to give a full breakdown of the duo.

As expected, Pyra is going to be the bruiser, slower, but able to deliver knockouts with gusto and efficiency. Meanwhile, while Mythra surely will  be able to net some kills, her moveset is more about confusing the opponent and racking up easy damage.

While it’s certainly possible to main one or the other entirely, the full power of their moveset comes from the Down+B quick swap between the two. This is something that Sakurai says that he hopes players are able to fully master.

Why So Many Swordfighters in Smash Ultimate?

The addition of Pyra/Mythra as yet another swordfighter in Smash Ultimate, bringing the total of the game’s roster up to 15 swordfighters including Echo Fighters, has sent some fans into a tailspin. While that is a lot of swordfighters, there are currently over 80 characters in the game, meaning that there are less than 20% of the roster that use swords.

The problem is that many of these swordfighters are very popular characters, like Final Fantasy’s Cloud and Sephiroth, and much of the paid DLC have been swordfighters as well. This led to the perception that the game is oversaturated with sword users in general.

Sakurai has noted on several occasions this perception, but doesn’t seem bothered by it at all.

“Sword fighters…? Hey, it is what it is!…Like it or not, it’s not up to me whether another sword fighter goes in the game,” he told Washa Live, as translated by Nintendo Everything. “Even if it is another sword fighter, it will be fine as long as we balance them properly….And in contrast [to fighters like Steve] sword fighters are easy [to implement]. “My preferences don’t play a role in which new fighters are added; Nintendo has a larger say in that decision and brings their thoughts to the table…The fighters that we include in Smash Bros. tend to come from series that have histories. For instance, Dragon Quest’s “Hero,” “Banjo & Kazooie,” and Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard all first appeared around 20 to 30 years ago – I want to include quite a wide breadth of characters.”

Let’s get down to their movesets and frame data, which already have them looking awfully strong.

Pyra’s Moveset

Flame Nova (Special) — The Aegis Sword spins around her, creating a ring of fire that damages opponents on either side of her. It’s then launched. You can charge the attack before releasing the sword to deal more damage. It goes further if you flick the stick during the attack’s input.

Blazing End (Side Special) — The Aegis Sword spins in the air after being tossed and then returns to Pyra. Grab the sword early if you need to save time on its return.

Prominence Revolt (Up Special) — Pyra recovers by leaping up in the air with her sword and then plunging back down. It deals damage in both directions. It’s a very quick move that does a lot of damage.

Swap to Mythra (Down Special) — Pyra changes to Mythra in a flash. There’s a brief invincibility period so this can be used to unexpectedly dodge attacks and then counter them with Mythra.

Mythra’s moveset

Lightning Buster (Special) — Charge up this attack to extend its reach and add an additional slash. It then delivers a series of these slashes directly in front of her, hitting incoming opponents.

Photon Edge (Side Special) — Mythra blinks across the stage, slashing again and again as she quickly moves forward. This is an interesting recovery move due to its speed but has to be used correctly in order to ensure Mythra isn’t vulnerable.

Ray of Punishment (Up Special) — Mythra jumps into the air and then fires a blast at enemies below her while still airborne. If you hold the special button (B) or press it repeatedly, multiple projectiles will be shot down at enemies, called Chroma Dust.

Swap to Pyra (Down Special) — Just like Pyra, Mythra can switch in order to dodge attacks if timed correctly. Then Pyra can damage unsuspecting opponents with a stronger attack.

Frame Data

Panda Global’s ESAM took the time to break down the frame data for the characters as seen in the Sakurai Presents, which could change by the time the characters fully release.

Frame Data Results

Jab: Myth 2 Pyra 3

F-tilt: Myth 8 Pyra 12

U-tilt : Myth 7 Pyra 11

Dtilt: Myth 5 Pyra 10

DA: Myth 11 Pyra 17

Nair: Myth 8 Pyra 11

Fair: Myth 8 Pyra 11

Bair: Myth 12 Pyra 16

Uair Myth 9 Pyra 13

Dair: Myth 14 Pyra 17

F-smash: Myth 14 Pyra 20?

U-smash: Myth 10 Pyra 15

D-smash: Myth 9 Pyra 13

Grab: Myth 6 Pyra 7

nB: Myth 10 Pyra 19

sideb: Myth 18 Pyra 13

Upb: Myth 9-10 Pyra 11-12

Downb invul 6

In short, if you want fast startups and the ability to rack up damage quickly, Mythra is going to be your jam, while Pyra might be slightly slower, she still ranks among the fastest characters in Smash Ultimate.


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