A Hilarious Smash Ultimate Bug Has Steve Instantly Defeating Other Players

by in Fighting Game News | Oct, 15th 2020

Honestly, this bug is pretty hilarious. We hate to see bugs ruin the experience of a game, truly. But this is just a ridiculous bug that probably shouldn’t have made it past the testing stages. What’s going down? Other players, that’s what! Steve, the latest Smash Ultimate character, has a bug that drops players so far they can’t recover or get back to the stage. It’s a little ridiculous, and we’re sure it’ll get patched soon enough. For now, we seem to know what’s going on, thanks to Bunsen-Burn, who found out about it initially.

Metal Gear 2: Steve’s Revenge

Let’s be honest: Steve wasn’t the most well-received character in Minecraft. How fitting is it that he comes complete with a ridiculous, game-breaking Smash Ultimate bug? This isn’t like Mew2King’s 100-0 combo, though it’s almost as comical. This isn’t even the only Steve bug, but it’s probably the most debilitating. What exactly is happening here?

Players that face off against Steve wind up falling underneath the stage and going so far down that they can’t recover and get back into the fight. It’s been reliably duplicated and tested on the Minecraft World map, but we imagine it probably can happen elsewhere too.

Bunsen-Burn discovered that players could wind up falling to their doom when Steve positions blocks in a certain place. In the video, Dark Samus jabs blocks that Steve has placed. Somehow, she drops through the map!

The Smash player Bunsen-Burn explains what’s going on on Reddit. “We believe we found the reason why, if Samus is to jab two blocks lined horizontally on the ground, she will teleport on top of the second block. However, if there is another block overhead, Samus’s head would hit it, thus making her teleport downwards, placing her ECB below the floor of the stage.”

Other attacks can trigger this, as well. It’s been noted that Donkey Kong’s Up B, Link’s Dash, and King Dee Dee Dee’s Dash attack can also trigger this bug. As a fun bonus, Steve has another bug in Smash Ultimate that sends a player falling through the stage. Steve can use his Down Air on Incenroar as a block breaks. The Pokemon, as a result, falls through the stage. How?! Well, we don’t know! But it’s amazing.

Is Steve the first character to come with ridiculous bugs? Of course not. But these are incredibly game-breaking if you’ll pardon the pun. If you’re aware of them, you can make your opponents fall through the map and die over and over. With a patch out soon (9.0.0), we hope that a fix will be available there, but we aren’t holding our breath.


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