Smash Pro Mang0 Catches Twitch Ban For Sexual Content

by in Entertainment | Mar, 30th 2021

Cloud 9’s Mang0 is one of the “Five Gods of Smash” and he still got a Twitch ban for what was deemed “sexual content”. If you think of the top players in Smash, Mang0 will always be one of them, it’s a guarantee practically. Ever since 2013, he’s been listed in the top five, and that’s not going away anytime soon. However, his 400,000 followers were wildly upset when the Smash player was banned for “sexual content” on the outlet. What was it? A brief moment where it looked like Mang0 was humping his Super Sonico 12” figure.

Mang0 Hits Back

Fans of Mang0, fear not, the Smash player’s Twitch ban is only three days it sounds like. It’s not confirmed that it was the moment with Mang0 and the Super Sonico figure, but the clip is here anyway. Mango’s response is to call it a “F**KING JOKE”. After Mang0’s angry tweet, he responds by highlighting a trend on Twitch right now: Hot Tub streams/streamers.

It’s a way around Twitch’s rule about “inappropriate clothing”. Streamers can wear bikinis/swimwear, provided it’s in a correct setting. So no sitting in a gamer chair in a bikini. However, if you’re at the beach, or in, say, a hot tub, it’s perfectly reasonable. Quite a few streamers have pointed out how gross they think hot tub streams, pole dancing streams, and more are, and Mang0 promptly responded with a “Dam LMAO” and quote-retweeted one of them.

If it is the instance with the anime figure that got Mang0 banned, it’s a fine line. Twitch’s inconsistency on what constitutes a ban ultimately harmed this Smash pro. It even harmed his bottom line, as Mang0 points out on Twitter that at least one sponsor no longer wants to do business with him. If it was because of the moment with the doll, that is perhaps understandable. Allegedly though, Mang0 was also drunk during this, and according to Twitter, called the anime figure a “s**t”.

We have no idea what the actual reason for is, but Twitch doesn’t care for partners being plastered on stream. Thankfully it’s not a long ban for Smash player Mang0, and he’ll be back on Twitch soon. A shame that Twitch’s consistency in banning is not so great.


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