Smash Fans Ridicule Hungrybox for Deleting His Pyra Video

by in Fighting Game News | Feb, 19th 2021

We know, we know. Another sword character in Smash. It’s not who most of us (probably any of us) at Esports Talk were expecting, that’s for sure. The reaction went quickly from groans and complaints about “yet another sword character” in Smash, to talk about the character’s bodies. Considering Hungrybox’s own history in the Smash community, he apologized and removed the Pyra video.

Smash Community: By Deleting Pyra Video Hungrybox “Bends a Knee”

How did the Smash community react? With open mocking and ridicule for the Smash player, of course. There is a lot of talk that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a “Waifu Game”. There is an absolute mountain of fanservice in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – that’s not something new or exciting. Much of last year, the Smash community was wrapped up in sexual assault/misconduct allegations. Being so openly disgusting about video game characters is pretty telling about how the community at large regards women.

Now, admittedly not all women feel this way. There are plenty that are just as open for fanservice as the guys are. But not everyone is. This kind of video and open ogling of a character can make many women uncomfortable. Hungrybox’s decision to remove the Pyra video sounds like it was the right one. He made the following statement on Twitter:


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