Smash Bros Patch 9.0.1 Update Address Controversial Steve Victory Animation and Various Bugs

by in Fighting Game News | Oct, 22nd 2020

Let’s take a moment and be honest with ourselves. There is no way that Steve’s Smash Bros. victory animation was PG. Whether it was intended to look that way or not, we’ll probably never know. But his dead stare off into the distance, hands clutching a chunk of meat in such a suggestive way. . . well, we don’t have to explain what it looks like.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Steve’s Smash Bros victory animation very quickly became a meme; is that really such a shock? Steve still faces that same angle, staring off into the distance, but his outstretched hands no longer hold a chunk of meat. What’s interesting is that this was not actually addressed in the patch notes proper. It’s just a thing that was changed about the game, and with good reason.

This is supposed to be a game anyone can play after all. Kids don’t need to see that kind of stuff, intentional or not. However, Steve came with more than that meaty pose. He was also equipped with a variety of game-breaking bugs! Players were falling through the stage and couldn’t do a single thing about it.

Patch 9.0.1 of Smash Bros addressed Steve’s victory animation, as well as a host of other bugs that were afflicting the game thanks to the Minecraft citizen. Now, players shouldn’t go falling through the ground after destroying his blocks, most importantly. In addition, the bug where the other player would fall through the landscape when Steve created a block somewhere, and the anvil created with down-air struck the fighter.

Steve’s minecart hit should also no longer make the other player uncontrollable, nor should it warp people to the original location where it was picked up. Finally, Smash Bros. devs also addressed a bug where certain fighters could go through Steve/Alex’s block once KO’d.

Sure, this was a hilarious victory pose for Steve, but it was definitely not okay. How that got through quality control, it’s a mystery. Are these changes going to make Steve less busted, or is he still an overpowered force of nature? We’re curious to know what you think!


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