Rod Breslau Leaks Amazon Rebranding Twitch Prime Into Prime Gaming

by in Entertainment | Aug, 10th 2020

One day, people are going to learn not to leak to Rod “Slasher” Breslau. The man does not sign NDAs, so if you tell him something, he’s allowed to talk about it. The person in question was likely going to make their video to break the news but made the mistake of telling Slasher. So, what’s the scoop? Amazon is reportedly going to rebrand Twitch Prime into Prime Gaming. Yeah, that’s a weird flex, but okay.

Slasher’s tweet included the new logo and the “Brand Guidebook” for Prime Gaming. We haven’t known him to be wrong about a lot, so this is likely already in the works.

Prime. . . Gaming?

This leak also included a message sent to Twitch partners, which details how it will change things for them and their stream. But why rebrand away from Twitch Prime? Twitch Prime was fine! Amazon changing to Prime Gaming is apparently to help people “discover all the gaming benefits that will be included in the description.”

From what we understand, it will also mean more opportunities for Twitch Partners. According to the email sent out, “it means more chances to grow your viewership across all types of gamers from Amazon Prime member base and opportunities to be featured in future Prime Gaming promotions.”

What does Prime Gaming from Amazon offer? The same stuff as always, of course! It also adds a full, high-quality PC game for free every month that is yours forever after it’s delivered. Perhaps this will be easier to find and use for those who don’t already use Twitch Prime. Prime Gaming is going to be a part of the whole Prime system: Prime Video, Prime Music, and everything else that comes with giving your money to

With the name Prime Gaming, we can’t help but wonder, what about the real-life streamers, vloggers, and “just chatting” streamers? That’s not “gaming,” but it is a part of Twitch. The rebrand feels very silly and not worth anything. They could have easily just added the new stuff to Twitch Prime. The only reason we can see for the Prime Gaming rebrand is to hopefully advertise it far more aggressively, to get as many people using it as possible.

Some people on Twitter have been lashing out at Slasher because of the confidentiality disclaimer this leak came with. Those same people don’t seem to grasp that Slasher was not the person made to sign it. Instead, they should look at the person who deliberately shared this with Slasher. Another fun fact is that Twitch spelled privileged wrong in all 24 slides of their brand book. Consistency is key, after all.

All told, this doesn’t seem to be worth a whole lot. It likely will change nothing for the millions of people trying to rise above Affiliate. If anything, this could be their chance to make the requirements even harder since they’re “giving more to partners.”


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