Sky Williams Addresses Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Money Owed to Friends

by in Entertainment | Jul, 8th 2020

The Super Smash Bros and YouTube communities have been rocked over the past two weeks with various accusers coming forward accusing some of the greatest players and personalities in the scene with various accounts of both sexual assault, abuse, and just general misbehavior. Now YouTuber Sky Williams is in trouble for allowing several of these allegations of misconduct to occur under his roof, and stands accused of owing various people in the community more than $353,000, among other things. 

Sky Williams took to his stream late Monday evening and attempted to respond to the various allegations from people in the community. However, about half way through his stream, his roommate was forced to pull the router from the wall, cutting Sky short as it was clear he was making statements under duress from the community, as well as being extremely unclear and making the situation worse.

Sky Williams’ Sexual Misconduct and Connection With Sky House Allegations

Sky Williams has made headlines around the world as he was connected with various the allegations of sexual misconduct by people who stayed in his house, including the incidents of:  Jacqueline “Jisu” Choe and “Katie” by Smasher Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios; Richard “Keitaro” King who admitted to his sexual relationship with a minor he met at one of the Sky House parties; and pro Smasher McCain “MacD” Lavelle who reportedly sexually harassed fellow competitor Brandon “Sparky” Wayne while living in the Sky Mansion in 2014. Williams admitted to knowing about several of these incidents, he denied knowing about the Sparky incident. 

The latest allegation to hit included one from Saeka Boardsong, who shared an incident of sexual misconduct that occurred in 2015 at Fanimecon 2015 while inebriated.

“He said that he and I would play video games together, and be friends online,” they said. I didn’t have a working computer at the time, and said he would give me $3000 for a whole new rig. He then asked me if I would make out with him. I felt pressured, and shakily agreed. He then asked if I would prefer an alley or his hotel room. And at this point even my horrendously drunk mind thought something was wrong here. I said the alley, as I could get away there if I needed. So he took me up to his hotel room, taking time to stop and talk to people, and made sure I was seen with him. The next thing I remember, I was in his hotel room, and he wasn’t wearing any pants while he was masturbating. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. […] I don’t know what I want to happen, I just want my side of the story out there. And I want some kind of justice brought down upon him. I don’t feel good about it and I feel violated to this day.”

Between this, and how he treated the various tenants of the Smash House (facilitating sexism, looking the other way at underage relationships happening, and more,) it isn’t looking good for Mr. Williams. 

Money Owed to Various Members of the Gaming Community

Sky Williams was not good with money – that much can be seen from the various allegations made by community members of lavish gifts, meals for his friends, the “Sky Mansion,” (which he paid for with friends’ money), and more. But the extent of this was not known until Tuesday evening, when various members of the community came together and added up exactly how much money was owed by Williams.

The total amount swas staggering, as calculated by LSXY. At least six people have claimed that Sky Williams owes them more than $10,000 at press time. 

“By everything I’ve been messaged about and confirmed so far, it’s as of this moment 359k~ in a 5year span,” he said on Twitter

“I am over $300K worth of debt to IRS, to friends, because of my image and spending habits. And I think borrowing money is going to help me out, and I keep doing it and I keep getting back in debt, over and over. I am not good at being an adult.” Sky said in a blog in 2017.

Clearly an understatement from Mr. Williams, and a habit that continued up through now. 

“The pain I’ve caused my creditors was always something weighing heavy on my mind – when I ended the ‘sky house’ months ago, I streamed for 67 days and began paying people back slowly,” he said yesterday. “I’ve no credit, no savings, this isn’t for you to pity me at all, its to express that I certainly am not ‘living well’ and I deserve that in FULL.”

Trial by Fire

Sky Williams’ situation with these allegations is a no-win scenario in his case. He could have said nothing, but that only would have enraged the community further and caused them to assume guilt. He could have released a crafted Twitlonger statement in which he tried to address each concern in a controlled manner – that would have been the preferred course, and something that many in the community were already expecting.

However, Sky chose to get on stream and express himself and his emotions in a powerful way, all while trying to defend himself and his integrity in real time. While his actions may be considered heinous and inexcusable from the community, it’s very possible that his statements in this situation cannot be taken with anything but a massive grain of salt due to the duress he put himself under.

While many in the community have stated that Sky’s reaction to all of this, given what he did, was “fake,” and “staged,” there’s really no way to know for sure without being in Sky’s shoes. Overall, the court of public opinion is not the same as the court of law, and statements made in duress are all the community has to go off of. It might not have been the smartest decision in Williams’ case to take to his stream that night, especially when he was so clearly distraught by the accusations as a whole. 


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