Sjokz Gives Impassioned Speech after Esports Host of the Year 2020 Win

by in Entertainment | Dec, 11th 2020

It’s a sad fact that women in esports have to do so much more than men, simply to be recognized. Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere has been a part of the esports scene since 2012, and isn’t going away anytime soon. She’s a desk host for Riot Games, for the European League of Legends Championship Series. Incredibly knowledgeable and talented, Sjokz dropped an impassioned speech about winning Esports Host of the year 2020.

If anyone deserved it, it’s Sjokz. She won “Best Esports Host” at last year’s Game Awards, and took third the year before, just behind Goldenboy and Maven. Sjokz spoke about the win, and what it means in a recent livestream.

Hold Nothing Back

Sjokz held nothing back when she talked about winning Esports Host of the Year 2020. Some people might say she sounded spiteful, bitter, or angry. She had a right to be angry though! Representation for women in esports is not at all where it should be.

Most women in esports or streaming have to work twice as hard, just to be relevant or seen at all. If they are, more often than not, they’re seen as trophies. According to many Twitch chatters, female streamers are only where they are because they flirt, or because they’re pretty. Which is absolute nonsense. So what did Sjokz have to say?

“There’s always people that say ‘You only made it because you’re a woman’ or ‘You only got this because you’re a girl’, you only got this because you post bikini pictures and all that s***t! The fact is that’s not just true! I’m awesome! I work hard my ass off and it’s sometimes very very difficult! I speak five languages! I have two master’s degrees. I have built this career as a pioneer in this industry for the last ten years.”

It’s really a shame that women have to feel this way in our community. It’s “our” community, not “the guy’s community”. Seeing more and more women win awards for their hard work cannot help but be inspiring. These women, like Sjokz are using the platform to let other women know that they can do it too.

Sjokz ends her speech on the Esports Host of the Year with something important:

“I deserve it. I really do. And so often I am afraid to say that publicly. So often I’m afraid to say anything because I’m afraid of the backlash. And so many of my female colleagues feel the same way and it’s f***ing bulls***t. Like, I deserve this, and that’s the tea. And that’s why it’s in my title!”

Women shouldn’t have to feel like they’re going to receive backlash for being successful. Some guys are just really upset that women are successful in their field. Those same people who do nothing to upgrade their content creation, and get mad when women, who put in hours of extra work just to prove their worth. It’s gross, and Sjokz drops a pretty serious truth bomb. We hope that this pattern of behavior changes. Inclusion is important, and we’re glad to see Sjokz keep getting recognized for her work.

She also ruthlessly roasted our very own Jake Lucky, which was wildly entertaining.


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