Six Major Raleigh Recap | Team Empire Wins | ShepparD Crowned as MVP

by in General | Aug, 20th 2019

It’s official, the Six Raleigh Major has come to a close after a week of R6S spectacles. The Russian Team Empire roster emerged as the champions after defeating one of the most decorated Rainbow Six Siege teams in the world, G2. The event will be remembered for the sheer dominance of EU teams as well as an underwhelming performance of their APAC counterparts. NA and LATAM weren’t that good either, having just three teams combined reaching the quarterfinals. ForZe players, on the other hand, will definitely keep Raleigh spectacle as a fond memory since they managed to clutch semifinals finish and establish themselves as a potent up-and-coming org. For more information make sure you read the rest of our Six Major Raleigh Recap!

Missed the Major action? No need to worry, you can check out the full Six Major Raleigh Grand Finals show below:

Six Major Raleigh Recap

The Raleigh spectacle marked the halfway point of the season. When it comes to notable R6S events in 2019 there’s just Pro League Season 10 Finals alongside a few less important names such as DreamHack Montreal and United States Nationals.

Moving on with our Six Major Raleigh Recap, let’s focus on the most important events that happened at this tournament!

Team Empire Strikes Back

Team Empire, led by ShepparD and Dan, took the trophy right in front of G2 with a map to spare. 3-1 was the end result after Empire took Border, Clubhouse, and Coastline. The final map is where Team Empire players set themselves apart from G2. Prior to the fourth and final map, both teams looked pretty close in terms of overall performance. With this grand finals win, Team Empire got their revenge for their Six Invitational 2019 loss in February. So yeah, The Empire really did strike back… pardon the pun.

This Team Empire win put a huge question mark above G2’s roster. With a failed qualification attempt for the last Pro League Finals and a pretty lackluster Pro League season in general, G2 might want to refresh their roster ahead of the tenth season. It’s still a long way to go. Perhaps we get some more concrete info after the end of DreamHack Montreal in early September.

ShepparD Awarded Six Major Raleigh MVP

Artur “ShepparD” Ipatov has been crowned as the Six Raleigh Major MVP for his spectacular performances in the Raleigh Major playoffs. Even though the 21-year-old IGL is more known for his impactful decision-making skills, his fragging was on point throughout the playoffs, especially the grand finals match in which he had 44 kills and 25 deaths.

His group stage performance, on the other hand, left much to be desired. At that point in the event, Dan and JoyStiCK had been leading Team Empire through the group stage. In fact, ShepparD wasn’t even in the top ten group stage players.

Biggest Upsets

We can’t finish this Six Major Raleigh Recap without mentioning the biggest upsets. There are two major ones that heavily impacted the entire event, not counting the grand finals as that one could’ve gone either way.

First off, the most surprising group stage elimination was EG. Evil Geniuses were in a pretty tough group, no doubt about that, but their performance was still pretty far from their usual standards. Runners-up at Pro League S9 Finals, Six Major Paris 2018 and Six Invitational 2018, got eliminated before the Raleigh Major playoffs, marking one of their worst performances in recent months.

The second upset was ForZe. A splendid performance from the up-and-coming Russian team that managed to clinch the Group D top spot above the likes of FaZe, DarkZero, and Fnatic. Not only that, but Rask also led his team to the semifinals after a terrific display against one of the world’s best, Giants Gaming. In the end, p4sh4 and the Russian crew were defeated by G2, Despite that, Raleigh Major was still a remarkable campaign for this ForZe roster.


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