Sinatraa’s Ex-Girlfriend Says She Didn’t Drop Charges

by in General | Sep, 18th 2021

Sinatraa’s former girlfriend Cleo “cle0h” Hernandez stated that she didn’t drop the charges against the former Valorant pro. In March 2021, Cleo accused Jay “Sinatraa” Won of sexual abuse, which began an investigation by Riot Games. Then in May 2021, Sinatraa was suspended for six months for ultimately being uncooperative during the investigation around the charges brought by his ex-girlfriend. The six-month ban is over, and it’s the talk of the scene. Cleo has since stated that she didn’t drop the charges, which some have read as a conflict. Back in April, a deleted tweet said she didn’t pursue the investigation anymore.

Could The Investigation Re-Open?

All that means is Cleo chose not to pursue the investigation further. Our own Jake Lucky originally posted a tweet reading “There will be no further investigation for Sinatraa,” but he was since given a corrected statement:


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