Sinatraa’s Accuser Cleo Rejects His Claims In Statement

by in General | May, 17th 2021

It’s been an eventful day for those following the ever-evolving situation surrounding Jay “Sinatraa” Won. It began as Riot Games announced they would be suspending Sinatraa for six months for failing to comply with their investigation into allegations of sexual assault. Shortly after that, Sinatraa issued his own statement on the Riot investigation, claiming that his failure to comply was purely an oversight as he had deleted a video file at the request of his former girlfriend Cleo. Now Cleo has come forward with her response on Twitlonger rejecting his claims. 

A Flat Denial

Despite Sinatraa’s assertion that he deleted the video clip at the request of Cleo, she leads her statement denying his claim outright, saying, “I never once told him to delete the video.” She then describes how the video in question allegedly shows Sinatraa digging his fingers into her as she tries to move away from him. Interestingly, while Cleo says she would be happy to share the video if asked by Riot investigators, they never did.

It’s clear that for Cleo, Sinatraa’s words of contrition mean little as she goes on the describe the emotional toll the situation has taken and her lack of belief in real growth from Sinatraa. Cleo also shares some of her mentality around releasing the two documents. While she shared the first document out of a desire for others to see Sinatraa as she does, the second was released out of anger towards the support for his potential return to Valorant. 

Cleo’s response to Sinatraa’s statement has opened up yet more questions as supporters on both sides wonder aloud where the truth lies. While both parties appear utterly confident that they’re in the right, little evidence is being presented publicly. And with Riot Games officially stepping back from their investigation to hand things over to law enforcement, it’s become increasingly likely we won’t know for sure who is being honest anytime soon. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available both here and on our YouTube channel.


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