Sinatraa Controversy Continues With New Statements From Current Girlfriend, Police Report

by in General | Apr, 21st 2021

While the investigation by both Sentinels and Riot Games is ongoing for the case of Jay “Sinatraa” Won, new information in the case was brought to light by his ex-girlfriend via an additional Twitlonger statement, as well as a rebuttal from his current girlfriend. 

Sinatraa’s current girlfriend Emmyuh has been silent throughout the investigation, but yesterday she released a statement on the situation just to clear up some “misconceptions,” as well as sharing some screenshots of text messages from Cleo, the girl who accused Sinatraa of sexual misconduct and abuse during their relationship. 

Sinatraa’s Girlfriend, Emmy Breaks Her Silence

Titled “the situation at hand,” the document has a collection of text messages from another of cle0h’s ex’s, alleging that she’s been known to have erratic behavior in past relationships. 

One of the more interesting screenshots is one that reads that “Cleo measures how hard she bullies someone by their follower count,” and even if she is no longer in a relationship with the person in question, she deemed them to be “her property” and has caused issues when they try to move on. 

The statement also makes note that originally claiming to completely forgive her for the situation, Cleoh has gone on to start a private campaign on TikTok against Emmyuh. 

You can read the full statement here. 

Another highlight though is that she makes it very clear that Sinatraa did not change her opinion on Cleo in the slightest.

Jay has not swayed my opinion of Cleo. Jay has only spoken about her in the beginning of our friendship, because we were both still moving on from our exes and wanted to communicate what we desired in a relationship. Our friendship was strictly platonic at first, but it turned into something more after lots of time getting to know each other. He also shared a story about her getting very angry with him in texts over liking a selfie of mine when they had been out of a relationship for a while. That is seriously all Jay has shared with me about her. I had formulated my opinion on her based off of what other people were telling me. I would never hate somebody just because they dated a boy I liked. That’s just stupid.

Emmyuh makes it extremely clear that she and Sinatraa are still dating and that she has never felt unsafe during their relationship. 

I am still dating Jay. I have heard his side and I have never felt unsafe throughout my relationship with Jay. Jay has always put my comfort above anything, always,” she concluded. “I hope that you guys will hear him out when he addresses it all publicly.

Meanwhile, Cleoh has now reportedly filed a police report against Sinatraa, and she went on to say in a new twitlonger that her case is still ongoing. She also makes it very clear that the clip in question in her original statement was recorded by Sinatraa, and that he should release the full video to Riot to assist in their investigation. She also claims in the Twitlonger that Sinatraa made transphobic statements in private to her, but that she cannot prove that it is him and that’s why these comments were not made public at first. 


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