Silco Rumored to Join League of Legends, Riot Responds

by in Entertainment | Dec, 6th 2021

Silco is coming to TFT, but what about League of Legends? There are many people – including this writer, who would love to see the boss of Zaun show up on the field of battle, but it doesn’t seem very likely. At least, not for now. Riot Games has addressed this on Reddit recently, talking specifically about the likelihood of Silco joining League of Legends as a playable character. No matter how much we may want it, he doesn’t pass the tests to make him a viable champion – at least, not for now.

Other Arcane Characters May Be Possible:

Silco, crime boss and adopted father of Jinx really captured people’s attention in Arcane, so they naturally want him in League of Legends. We do know for sure he’s on the way to Teamfight Tactics, so why not other Riot properties as well? Because he doesn’t pass the test, that’s why. What would Silco even do, as a champion? We hypothesized behind the scenes that he could summon units/allies, or even make his opponents turn on his team, but that’s not enough. 

It takes quite a bit to become a champion in League of Legends, as it turns out, and Silco doesn’t make the cut. In a recent Reddit thread, this was talked about, and Reav3 shot it down. Ultimately, he’s too “normal” to be a champ. He’s not powerful, he doesn’t have amazing powers, and he doesn’t have anything to make him stand out as anything other than an admittedly successful crime boss.

Reav3 had this to say in response:

“This basically nails the reason why we have no current plans to bring Silco to LoL. His silhouette for one would not even be close to passing our unique silhouette bar, which is very important for gameplay clarity in LoLMoba (We believe you should be able to quickly recognize who a champion is regardless of which skin they are using by seeing their silhouette) He also doesn’t have a clear source of power that would translate into a good League kit.” 

Reav3 points out that they could give him a clear source of power, or change these, but it would make him so different that what made him Silco would be lost in League of Legends. So, bad news, Silco fans, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Now, changes in the Arcane storyline could make this a possibility down the line. Who knows what future seasons will hold.

It’s not impossible, it’s just not going to happen right now, which is fine. If it doesn’t make sense, this writer doesn’t want it to happen. There are characters in Arcane that could show up though. We’ll just have to see what 2022 holds though. Riot Games is interested in exploring the Arcane space though, as long as they make sense in the game. That’s the most important part. But for now, no Silco in League of Legends.


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