Shroud Thinks Valorant Will Become the Number One Tactical Shooter Esport

by in Valorant | Oct, 19th 2020

CSGO is one of the most popular esports in the world right now, but their numbers have admittedly been falling behind. What could possibly overtake the long-running FPS title? Perhaps an fps with a bit more color? Something new and interesting? Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is of the opinion that Valorant will easily become the number one FPS esport, and he goes into exactly why.

What We Need

It’s not exactly a controversial opinion. North America doesn’t even have an esports scene yet, and we’re already seeing professional teams crop out of virtually nowhere. Even controversial players like the iBUYPOWER players of the CSGO heyday are getting another moment in the limelight. Other than invitational series and unofficial tournaments, there’s only one hint of official esports support we’ve seen so far, and it’s for the SEA Region.

There’s clearly something here if a game that doesn’t even have an official esports platform is seeing professional teams show up in all parts of the world. Valorant’s still new, less than a year old. But players from Overwatch and CSGO are quick to abandon what made them famous in the first place to try this new esport out. It’s obviously working though! Players that have been banned in CSGO are showing up again as well. 

It’s not like Shroud doesn’t know shooters; he’s a former CSGO pro, after all. What has hurt CSGO is a lack of LAN events; that’s where the game truly shines, not in this online-only capacity. That’s been to Valorant’s benefit. But Shroud discussed the possibility of Valorant being the number one esport in the not-so-distant future:

“Dude, Valorant is just going to hit and it’s going to hit hard. Like, it has the perfect recipe right now, right. It’s just like, CS numbers are dipping, but to be fair CS strives on LAN so that’s why they’re dipping, obviously once LAN comes back, it’ll be a little different. 

“But still, if Valorant nails the timing of coming to LAN and tournaments are popping off, it’s going to blow the f**k up – even more than it already has.” As someone suggested that Valorant will take the top spot in the first-person shooter esports ranks. Oh yeah, easily.”

The best teams in the world on the EU/NA side have not been able to battle yet in Valorant, but that time is coming. Once the LAN scene returns and the world also gets back to normal, we’ll see if Valorant has what it takes. They just have to get their LAN scene right immediately. No snafus, plenty of hype, and just as much substance. If Riot Games gets behind the pro scene of Valorant, it could easily eclipse all other esports and be number one with a bullet. 

But at the end of the day, it’s going to be up to Riot Games, and the various tournament organizers. They’ll have to give players a reason to compete, and fans to tune in. If their success with League of Legends is any indicator, we can see Valorant being the number one FPS esport as 2021 rolls forward. What do you think though? Is Shroud full of it, or is he on to something? Let us know what you think over on social media!


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