Shroud Reveals His Thoughts on the Best Battle Royale Game

by in General | Aug, 9th 2021

Shroud is one of the biggest streamers in the entire world and, as such, commands a lot of authority and influence when it comes to the gaming industry. What Shroud says is something that numerous fans will listen to, and his latest thoughts include what the best battle royale game is.

Shroud Reveals What He Thinks the Best Battle Royale Game Is

Figuring out the best battle royale game is an eternal question and one that countless fans of the genre will argue about all day on forums, in comment sections, on social media, and so on. The endless war between which is better than the big four will not end anytime soon. 

That said, Shroud is the latest person to stake his claim in the best battle royale game race to reveal the game he thinks is the best among the major titles out there currently. This is going to be a hot topic that will likely please some players and disappoint others.

This is mainly because the answer Shroud gave for what he thinks is the best battle royale game is surprising. It is an answer that we did not expect the monumental content creator to choose. The Twitch star revealed this in one of his recent streams via Dexerto

During the live stream, the subject came up with what the very best battle royale game is. You would think that Shroud would pick one of his usual go-to’s for livestreams, but that is not the case, as he picked a different game than we would have predicted. 

Fortnite Is Shroud’s Pick

Quickly, Shroud answered that he believes that Fortnite is the best battle royale game at this time. It is the number one battle royale game in the genre, even when compared to the other three major titles: Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, and the progenitor PUBG. 

This can be surprising as, these days, you will not see Shroud boot up Epic Games’ genre-defining battle royale game on Twitch anymore. Instead, most people know Shroud these days as an Apex Legends fan, as that is usually his battle royale game of choice when streaming. 

Though, of course, he is a variety streamer who does not just limit himself to Apex Legends, so he can be regularly found playing other games as well. But in terms of his personal choice of battle royale game to play, the one that he usually goes for is Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. 

That is why it is even more intriguing that he would pick Fortnite as the number one best battle royale game in the genre, considering that he does not seemingly play it anymore. The reason behind this odd decision has to do with the competitive aspect of Fortnite, which could be considered bizarre, too. 

Fortnite Is No. 1 Because of the Building

Many are mixed about the competitive aspect of Fortnite, including myself at this time. He noted that this game is the champ when it comes to that type of gameplay. This is because the unique gameplay mechanic of Fortnite is the building element. 

Many of the issues that Shroud and others in the community have with battle royale games, like Apex and Warzone, are that there are so many third parties who will show up, interrupt a fight, and destroy both teams were originally involved in the matchup since they are weak now. 

Every battle royale game suffers from this, including Fortnite. It is part of the experience of dealing with upwards of 150 players at once in a match, depending on the game. However, the building aspect of Fortnite means that you at least have an answer when third parties show up. 

You can build and build to protect yourself, buy yourself some time, and prepare for the attacks on multiple fronts. On the other hand, other games do not have the option, so you have to adapt and find a way to survive or be taken out by a team taking advantage of your current fight. 

This is a pretty fair point as the building in Fortnite does allow for fights to drag on and be a bit more secure at times than in other battle royale games. So, because of this, Shroud thinks that Fortnite is currently the best battle royale game in terms of competitive gameplay. 

But Shroud’s List of Favorite Battle Royale Games Is Different

In the second place, he would put his go-to game Apex Legends on the competitive side. However, when it comes to his actual favorite battle royale games in the genre, the list is slightly different. His favorite is, no surprise, Apex Legends, as seen in the fact that he is most often playing it out of the four. 

However, his second favorite is a little bit surprising in that he would pick the one that kickstarted the genre to what it is today, PUBG, followed by the game he thinks is the best in Fortnite, and lastly, with Call of Duty Warzone. It does seem that Warzone is a game that he is not a huge fan of, even though it is arguably the most popular of the four in terms of streaming. 

The good thing for Shroud and the Apex Legends community is that the new Season 10 Emergence is here, offering players the chance to enjoy a whole new season of content. This content includes the long-awaited map changes for the battle royale game’s second map, World’s Edge, the awesome new legend Seer, the new Rampage LMG, and a whole lot more. 


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