Shroud Announces VCT Valorant Team With Stacked Roster

by in Valorant | Jul, 19th 2021

The next open qualifiers for the Valorant Champions Tour are coming, and Shroud announced a stacked team to take part. The former pro CSGO player is no slouch, and he may have picked up the most stacked squad of players in all of Valorant. Shroud hasn’t gotten involved in esports since 2017, so we’re all very excited to see how his squad pans out. Shroud was very blase’ about revealing he’s “supposed to play” in the next VCT with his Valorant team though. It was a pretty incredible way to make a reveal.

Who Joins Shroud to Dominate the VCT?

“I’ll go run around as KAY/0 and silence things,” was the next thing Shroud said after announcing he’s going to compete in Valorant with a team. Some of the names may be familiar to CSGO fans, not to mention some new faces in the form of Valorant content creators. It’s a potential game-breaking squad, that’s for sure:

  • Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek
  • Timmy “iiTzTimmy” An
  • Skyler “Relyks” Weaver
  • Leonardo “Laski” Arroyo
  • ShawnBM

Not everyone’s from the CSGO community though. For example, iiTzTimmy is an Apex Legends/Valorant player, and ShawnBM is a Valorant content creator. Both bring quite a lot to the team, not to take anything away from them. If Shroud sees something in them, they have to have some important qualities. Relyks and Laski however are both ex-CSGO players and bring experience to the table. They retired from CSGO, went on to play Valorant, and are now teaming up with Shroud on this new team.

Relyks had a wealth of solid performances in CSGO, from first in EGLYX 2018, and Americas Minor Championship for Columbus 2016. He’s competed in S, A, B, and C events, and had solid performances in all of them. As far as S-Tier events, he capped at 6th place, and there’s no shame in that (ESL Pro League Season 3 NA). Laski did well in a variety of weekly and monthly events in CSGO as well. Then there’s Shroud.

He’s just incredible at any shooter he picks up and took first in several S-Tier and A-Tier events. He’s one of the most popular CSGO players that actively streams still, and we’re incredibly excited to see what he does with this squad. If they qualify for the event, they could be well on their way to that 50,000 prize pool.


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