Shroud Calls CSGO Garbage Thanks to Cheating

by in Valorant | Feb, 8th 2021

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is easily one of the most recognizable names in CSGO’s history. He made his name there and if you don’t believe us, just take a peek at his Liquipedia. However, he doesn’t play the game that made him famous quite as much anymore, preferring Valorant in its stead. Why is that? In Shroud’s own words, CSGO is “f**king garbage” thanks to all the cheaters in the game. Sure, Valorant has cheaters too, but they don’t seem to last quite as long and are likely not as prevalent as in CSGO.

Cheating is a Serious Problem in Valve’s FPS Title

How did this discussion even come up in the first place? Funny enough, from a bug in Valorant. Some of his audience suggested he go and play CSGO instead. His response was a harsh one, but not an uncommon complaint about Valve’s CSGO. It might be one of the biggest names in esports, but it’s got its own share of problems:

“I’d love to play CSGO if it was f**king good. Every single time you play CS, you’re trying to casually jump into a matchmaking…aimbot, spinbot, f**king anti f**king cheat f**king headshot, wallhacks. They got it all dude, they’re teleporting around and sh*t, it’s f**king crazy,”

Sure, the VAC system does ban people in CSGO, it doesn’t seem to do quite enough. It’s not like Shroud doesn’t know what he’s talking about concerning CSGO cheaters, and thinking the situation is garbage is something we understand. He’s seen hackers in the streaming and competitive sphere, after all. Valorant isn’t immune to cheaters though. We wrote all too recently about a pro player who got banned for hacking during ranked. 

There are people that worry about how deep Valorant goes into your PC to make sure cheating isn’t happening, it sounds like it’s at least working better than whatever CSGO has put into place. We’ve already seen major Valorant players get banned for cheating. For example, the #1 EU ranked player Nisay was banned for a year for being Riot said he was using hacks.

These days, Shroud prefers Valorant, and pointed out exactly why in the aforementioned clip:

“You jump in, you play, you’re confident, you go whatever, play your game, play your two games, have a good time or have a bad time, but at least you know you’re not gonna get f**king cheated.”

Valorant does have problems too, but we’ve seen fewer cheaters in the game. They do exist, but it’s not every single game, like CSGO or Warzone.

So while sure, both games have problems, CSGO’s run deeper and have gone on longer. CSGO has been well-known for cheaters, hackers, and gambling problems for years, so Shroud saying the cheating in CSGO is “garbage” isn’t unreasonable. It seems like CSGO needs something a bit more robust to stop the cheating problem it’s having. Does Shroud, or some other pro have the answer? We’d love to know.


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