Should PUBG Mobile Be Banned? Indian Student Commits Suicide After Arguing with Family About PUBG Mobile

by in PUBG Mobile | Jul, 31st 2020

One of the big talking points we’ve had here on Esports Talk in the last couple of weeks has been PUBG Mobile addiction in India. From children spending their grandparents’ pensions, and the discussion of the game potentially being banned, we have to ask the question again. Should PUBG Mobile be banned in India? Out of all the countries we discuss, we’ve seen more negative news about the game than anywhere else. Most recently, we heard about a student from Jalandhar, India who committed suicide after arguing with his family about PUBG Mobile.

Who Takes The Blame?

According to the police investigation, this student was not excelling academically and spent quite a lot of time on his phone (as do all teenagers, let’s be honest). The boy committed suicide after his father took his phone for playing too much PUBG Mobile. It sounds like addiction is a very serious concern for the Indian public. 

The boy was taken aback by his father taking his phone away and denying him PUBG Mobile, and as a result, he went for suicide. The boy went to DAV College, and his father is a chemist. This was reportedly not their first argument over PUBG Mobile either, as the father felt it was causing his suffering grades.

His family expected the student to focus on studies, instead of playing the game, but the deceased student could not keep his hands off. He was a year away from finishing his Bachelor’s of Communication. Even though his parents barred him from playing PUBG Mobile, he kept playing the game anyway, causing tension between the boy and his family. 

The heartbroken family didn’t think this could happen, and that nothing good was going to come of PUBG Mobile play. Even if banning PUBG Mobile isn’t the move, there definitely needs to be something about the rash of terrible acts. Children are definitely addicted to the mobile game, and drastic actions are coming from it as a result. 

It’s not unreasonable to expect students to focus on their studies, but moderation in all things is really important. This suicide over PUBG Mobile is definitely unfortunate, but is the blame on the game? Perhaps the families and local governments need to do more to help manage time. More attention needs to be given to the importance of moderation and the danger of addiction.

We feel nothing but sympathy for Manthan Sharma (Manik) and the family who have lost him to suicide, as a result of a PUBG Mobile addiction. Addiction to gaming is a very serious threat, and the sooner governments and families see this, the sooner we can start helping people before things like this happen.


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