Gaming Platform Shotcall Announces $2.2 Million Seed Round

by in Entertainment | Oct, 28th 2020

Shotcall.GG is an interactive gaming platform and marketplace that aims to bring gamers together around the world. Today, they announced that Shotcall Gaming had a $2.2 million seed round led by Initial Capital and New Stack. The idea that they want to reimagine the gaming space and create a new ecosystem is a bold move.

As esports and streaming grow, games and creators need more outlets to monetize and get their names out there. Shotcall.GG could very well be the platform to do that.

If You Have a Fan Base and You Game, You Should Be on Shotcall

Gamers, creators, celebrities, and influencers can better engage with their fans and communities through the medium of online games. Streaming co-op/competitive games are probably never going to get old. Thomas Gentle, Gordon Li, and Riley Auten came together to build Shotcall to bring fans of content creators and the games they play together in a cooperative space.

Shotcall Gaming is a marketplace to schedule and monetize whatever community event you desire. Tournaments, Q&A sessions, coaching, charity events, whatever you want to do, Shotcall has got you covered. It’s already a hub for the gaming community, having hosted a variety of events already.

Perhaps the biggest was a COVID-19 relief fund event, where the Seattle Sounders hosted events on Shotcall Gaming. In this event, the Sounders fans could sign up to stream and game with their favorite players for a fee, and it sold out within minutes. All proceeds went to charity, so it was even better.

“If you have a fan base and you game, you should be on Shotcall,” said Thomas Gentle, co-founder/CEO of Shotcall. “There are dozens of different sites for coaching, hosting tournaments, streaming, and other events, but Shotcall is the only platform that houses all of these interactions under one roof, and not while having to be on the sidelines.”

Gentle added, “Shotcall is a two-fold solution for the gaming community. It allows fans to actually play their favorite games with the hosts they admire while also creating important monetization opportunities for creators who are resistant to asking their community for direct financial support. Shotcall is a community where both the fan and creator have an incredible return on their investment.”

Perhaps the best part is that there’s no initial cost associated with accessing Shotcall Gaming’s platform and marketplace. Interested users can create profiles that show when they’re available to play, list their games of choice, and of course, offer social media links.

Hosts have the opportunity to create profiles in the marketplace where fans can register to pay to play games with them. Shotcall’s model serves these highly passionate creators focused on improving follower engagement, which is crucial to growing their overall brand.

There are all sorts of charity events that could gain some use of Shotcall in addition to Twitch or whatever streaming service they use. It could be a great way to add further events to a charity speedrunning/esports event. This way, the event in question could add Q&A/autograph sessions/coaching, whatever is on the menu.

Shotcall is already live and will be using this announced funding to grow their platform. The idea is that they will integrate with more game publishers and expand their hosting opportunities with celebrities and artists in their marketplace. Could we see celebrities in the streaming space showing up exclusively hosting their events on Shotcall? We sure could! It’s a cool idea, and we can’t wait for Shotcall to show the world what they can do.


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