Shoot to Kill Wins NA PUBG Continental Series 1, PCS2 Detailed

by in PUBG | Jul, 8th 2020

The PUBG Continental Series 1 tournament was just held recently and has now come to a conclusion. With the end of the event, the winner has been crowned for that event and the next one has been detailed. The winner of the PUBG Continental Series 1 North America was none other than Shoot to Kill

Shoot to Kill Are the PUBG Continental Series 1 Champions

Shoot to Kill came out on top as the winners of the recent PUBG Continental Series 1 tournament. After the PUBG Corp. made some major changes to its lineup of competitions in this 2020 season, we now know the new schedule of what events will be held. 

It all began with the PUBG Continental Series Charity Showdown event that was hosted in May and kickstarted the season a little late, but now we are in the thick of it with the first major series tournament now over. Two weeks of grueling competitions happened and a winner has come out on top. 

The winner of the entire PUBG tournament series in NA is none other than Shoot to Kill. The popular and talented competitive team took down the rest of the competition at this series event in North America and is now among the very best in the entire world. 

When it comes to the leaderboard from the event, it is rather close with the top two teams in particular being neck and neck. You can find the full breakdown of the top 16 teams from the series below in order from first place to 16th place, including the points earned:

Leaderboard Results From the Series 1 Tournament

  • Shoot to Kill: 198 points
  • Wildcard Gaming: 198 points
  • Soniqs: 146 points
  • Oath: 139 points
  • Zenith Esports: 131 points
  • Fabled: 124 points
  • Houston Hardshifts: 123 points
  • 303 Esports: 121 points
  • Radiance: 117 points
  • Exodus: 109 points
  • Comets: 98 points
  • Illusion: 87 points
  • Any Trolls in Chat: 65 points
  • Liberate: 62 points
  • Tactical8: 57 points
  • Elus1ve: 51 points

With the victory in PUBG tournament from Shoot to Kill, the team claimed the first-place prize of $50,000 USD. Meanwhile, the other 15 teams divided up the remaining $200,000 from the prize pool among them based on the placements that they were able to get in the series. 

From the onset, it looked like Wildcard Gaming was going to be the victors of the lengthy two-week series, but STK was able to pull through during the final match and win it in a very close and shocking one. After all, the teams were tied for points and Wildcard was able to get many more placement points, including a whopping six chicken dinners.

On the other hand, STK was only able to get three wins during the event, which is the same as what the fourth-placed team Oath was able to do. They did make up for this, though, in having the most kill points out of the 16 teams that competed. 

PUBG Continental Series 2 Details Now Revealed

If you were unable to watch the intense matches live as they happened over the two weeks, be sure to head on over to the PUBG Esports YouTube channel where the matches are available on-demand. Otherwise, with Continental Series 1 over, we now have the PUBG Continental Series 2 to look forward to.

The second major series for the 2020 season isn’t too far away, as it will happen at the end of this month, beginning Friday, July 24 and taking place across the following three weekends. The competition will happen every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a similar format to the first series. 

The teams will be split into groups of eight, with three groups in total that will be competing during the two weeks. How the seeding and initial placements of the teams will work is based on the final placings of the 16 teams from the first series plus the addition of the top eight teams from the North American Challenger Cup. 

Each of the three groups will play two days of matches in each of the three weekends with five matches on each of those days for a grand total of 10 matches for each weekend. After the three weeks are over, the top 16 teams will then compete in the PCS2 Grand Finals NA tournament to determine who will be the overall champion of that series. 

PUBG Continental Series 2 Prize Pool and Grand Finals Dates

The grand finals will have a similar prize pool and set up to the previous series that just finished with a massive $200,000 prize pool on the line. The victors of that PUBG event, like Shoot to Kill, will win $50,000 while it will diminish from there to $2,000 for the 15th and 16th-placed teams. 

On the other hand, there will be a $50,000 prize pool that will be available during the group stage of the competition plus some extra prizes for those players who get the most kills, damage, teams with the most wins, tournament MVP, and so on. 

The PUBG Continental Series 2 Grand Finals are currently set to happen soon after the conclusion of the group stage from August 27-September 4. And this is only for the North American tournament. 

There are likely going to be more events this season for the PUBG Esports scene, but we will likely find out more about them as time goes on and we get closer to the end of the second series. For now, stay tuned here for more info regarding the 2020 season and what’s to come.


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